How to add comments/feedback to your team within HubSpot Campaigns

Adding comments on HubSpot campaigns allows you and your team to exchange questions, provide feedback, and leave messages within the collaboration sidebar. This approach to collaborating on HubSpot campaigns streamlines communication and eliminates potential miscommunication that can occur when using external chat or email platforms. 


  1. Navigate to the asset on which you wish to comment.
  2. Click the “Comment” icon in the top right (voice bubble with three dots inside).
  3. Type comment(s) into the field using the rich text toolbar for formatting. 
  4. You can notify (tag) a teammate by typing the @ symbol and the teammate's name.
  5. To save the comment, click “Comment.”
  6. To edit or delete the comment, hover over your comment, click Actions, then click “Edit” or “Delete” as desired. Note: you may only edit/delete comments you’ve posted.
  7. To review your comments, click the double-arrow (     )) icon.
    Users can find general comments on assets in the collaboration sidebar.