How to customize the HubSpot CRM Default Right Sidebars for Specific Teams

HubSpot “Professional” and “Enterprise” users can customize their HubSpot right side sidebar to display the information that’s most important and/or necessary to the team. Selecting the desired information for each card creates a view that is tailored to each team’s needs, and eliminates possible distractions from unnecessary/irrelevant information.


  • Navigate to “Settings” and then click on the “Record Customization” tab.
  • Click “Customize right sidebar.”
  • Under “Custom right sidebars,” click “Create sidebar.”
  • Name the sidebar.
  • Assign the team(s) that you want to see the sidebar.
  • Select and order the cards you wish to display.
  • Click “Save.”

Saved sidebars will be visible to all users on the selected teams. Users must have account access permissions to customize right sidebars.