How to add Hubspot Certifications to LinkedIn: Step-by-Step [2022]

Add Hubspot Certifications to your LinkedIn profile including expiration dates.

  1. If you have not done so already, you need to add the Licenses and Certifications section to your Linked Profile. Click the 'Add profile section' button
    LinkedIn Add Profile Section
  2. Click 'Add licenses & certifications'
    LinkedIn Add to Profile
  3. In Hubspot Academy, navigate to My Learning > Completed
    Hubspot Academy My Learning Completed
  4. Click 'View Certificate' on the certification you would like to share.  Then click the orange 'Share your achievement button'
    Hubspot Certification
  5. Click 'LinkedIn licenses & certifications'
    LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications
  6. LinkedIn will pop open, and your Hubspot Certification will autofill with all the details including the expiration date!
    LinkedIn Hubspot Certification Details
  7. Click Save and your official Hubspot Certification will now show up on your LinkedIn Profile. 🏆💪
    Hubspot Certification in LinkedIn