How to find and merge duplicate contacts in the HubSpot CRM

Learn how to use the HubSpot deduplication tool that uses machine learning to find duplicate contacts for you. This tool makes merging your contacts quick and easy.

This feature is available to all Professional and Enterprise HubSpot users. Finding duplicates manually in your HubSpot CRM is really time consuming. HubSpot now has a a tool that uses machine learning to find duplicate contacts for you so you can quickly merge them. 

Step 1. 

Go to contacts in your main navigation and click "contacts".

Step 2. 

On the top right click the Actions button and choose "Manage Duplicates"

Step 3.

You will now see a list of duplicate contacts for you to review or dismiss. Hubspot shows you the last time they calculated this list and when they will update the list next. The dashboard also will tell you how many duplicates you have to review at the top of the page.

You will want to choose your first contact and click the "Review" button next. 

Step 4. 

A pop-up window will come up with both of your contact records side by side asking you which record would you like to keep. You must click on one of them to be the contact you are keeping. 

Once you merge contacts, this can't be undone.
HubSpot will show you The final contact record and what "email address" will be it's primary email address.

Timeline activity for both contact records will be available in the final record. The most recent value for each property will be used in the final record. If you want to know what happens when I merge two contacts you can read more here

Step 5. 

Click "Merge". You'll see a notification that says "Success. Your contacts have been merged." and you are done. You can move on to the next contact in the list.