How to add internal Comments, Tasks and Feedback in HubSpot Marketing Hub Emails (Collaboration Tool 2022)

Team collaboration on HubSpot marketing emails is now more efficient and more effective with the latest update to the HubSpot collaboration tools. 

  1. The new collaboration sidebar allows users to tag other users on comments made on specific elements of an email: sections of content, titles, subject lines, even images. 
  2. Element-specific comments notify the tagged users of the comment, and bring them directly to the element of the email that is being commented upon. 
  3. A complete history of comments made anywhere in the email are also visible in the sidebar, meaning users can locate the comments without having to search the entire document. 
  4. Users can collapse the sidebar to reduce visual clutter while working on a given area of the message.
  5. The new sidebar provides users with access to marketing tasks where users can view, update, and complete off tasks. Additionally, users can check this area to confirm that work is being displayed in the tasks list.
  6. The new sidebar provides access to the marketing calendar through which users can schedule email send dates, and view scheduled marketing activities.
  7. Visible across all marketing email tool screens, the new sidebar is available in the reportings and performance pages for the email. This allows users to leave comments on elements of the performance, charts, and recipients, or to respond to comments/conversations all from within the sidebar.


  • Navigate to the “Comment” button (voice bubble with three dots) and hover over it to display “Comment mode” and “View comments” buttons.
  • Click “Comment” and cursor will switch to a “+” symbol.
  • Position your “+” cursor on any element to surround it with an orange highlight and display the “Click to add comment” directive.
  • Reply to comments directly where the initial comment to create a thread that can be viewed at the point where the comment was left or in the sidebar.