How to Pass Data to Hidden field in HubSpot

There are situations when it is beneficial to have a hidden field: a property that users can pass a value into without requiring contacts to fill in the corresponding form field. Users can, for example, use a hidden field in new contact request forms so the status shows “Open” automatically rather than requiring contacts to fill in the “Status” field.


  • Navigate to “Marketing,” then “Lead Capture,” then “Forms.”
  • Click “Create a new form” or click on the name of an existing form.
  • Navigate to the form editor and hover over the field you wish to make hidden.
  • Click the pencil icon.
  • Locate the “Make this field hidden” switch and toggle it to “on.”
  • Navigate to the left side panel and specify the value you want automatically entered into the property. Note: the property field type will dictate the value you will enter.
    • For Date picker, Number, Single-line, or Multi-line text, use the “Default value” text field to enter your value.

    • For Dropdown select, Multiple checkboxes, or radio select, navigate to the “Field options” area and choose the checkbox that corresponds to the options you want.

    • For a Single checkbox, click on the radio button to insert “Yes,” “No,” or no value into the property.

  • Navigate to the upper right of the screen and click “Publish.”