How to set up user notifications in HubSpot

User notifications in HubSpot keep you and your team informed of new activities in your account. There are many types of HubSpot notifications available, and users can customize their notification preferences in the Profiles & Preferences menu. 


  • Navigate to your HubSpot account main navigation bar and click the settings icon.
  • Navigate to the Notifications menu on the left sidebar menu.
  • Click on the tabs that correspond to the notification type(s) you wish to receive:Email, desktop, mobile app, or other apps
    • EMAIL: In this section, click the toggle switch on the right side (green checkmark will be shown) to receive HubSpot notifications by email.

      (NOTE: Hubspot email notifications will be limited to 1000 per notification per day. Additional notification sends will be dropped.)
    • DESKTOP: Use the toggle switches to select the type of notifications you wish to receive.
      • BELL…red dot on the bell displayed on your navigation bar. To view recent notifications, click on the bell.
      • POP-UP…messages that appear on your screen when you are logged in and actively using HubSpot.
      • BROWSER…alerts sent through your browser when HubSpot is open in a non-active tab. You must allow notification from HubSpot in any/every browser you’re using to utilize this function. In some cases, you may also need to grant permission for HubSpot notifications in your operating system.

        NOTE: Users may select whether to hear a sound indicating new notifications or to see a red dot in the browser tab (favicon-supported) to indicate new/unread notifications.
    • HUBSPOT MOBILE APP: Users can receive push notifications or in-app notifications by configuring notification preferences in the mobile app’s settings.