How to set up lead revisit notifications in HubSpot

HubSpot lead revisit notifications help users increase lead conversions by tracking when a lead goes back to your website. When a contact visits your website (HubSpot hosted pages and others equipped with HubSpot tracking code), you receive alerts via email, a notification center alert, or a real-time alert through the sales extension. Profile page links provided in the notifications let users quickly review interaction history, and then follow up with the contact (while the current website visit is still fresh in their mind). Notifications will also indicate the domain they visited, however, if the visited page utilizes a canonical URL different from the domain in its visible URL, the canonical URL will be the one shown in the alert.

Leads can be assigned to specific sales reps using SalesForce integration. Notifications for these leads will be sent directly to that sales rep. 

Users can opt to receive HubSpot revisit notifications for (a) all leads in the contact database, (b) all leads that the user owns, or ( c ) or no leads (turning notifications off). Whatever your setting, these are circumstances for which you will NOT receive a notification.

Email notifications that do not generate an alert

  • First-time visits
  • Visits by contacts created less than 24 hours ago
  • Visits by contacts to whom your company is not visible
  • Visits that you’ve been notified about within the last 24 hours
  • Visits by contacts not selected (all vs. ones you own)
  • Visits by contacts in the “Customer” lifecycle stage.
  • Visits by contacts who share an email domain with the assigned owner.

Sales notifications that do not generate an alert

  • Visits by contacts to whom your company is not visible
  • Visits by contacts not selected (all vs. ones you own)
  • Visits by contacts in the “Customer” lifecycle stage


Team members must set or reset website revisit notification preferences. Admin and other users cannot alter individuals’ settings. 

  • Navigate to your HubSpot account main menu, click the “Settings” icon, then “Notifications.”
  • Navigate to the “Website visits” section and select your preferences for website visits.

Website visits by Contacts

  • Select lead(s) to track by clicking the corresponding radio button(s)...“Contacts you can view” or “Contacts you own.”
  • Click the checkbox(es) to select how you want to be notified…“Email” - daily alert for each contact visit, or “Real-Time Alert” - notification of visits posted in your activity feed.

Non-HubSpot users wishing to discontinue notifications can click the “Unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of a previously read notification email. Lead owners in Salesforce can unsubscribe from notifications, but only after the first email has been received,

Users wishing to track prospects (visitors that have not been converted) can navigate to the prospects tool, enable prospect notifications, and select notification type preferences by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.


Salesforce integration directs lead revisit notifications to the sales representative assigned to the lead. Users without Salesforce integration can enable notifications for your users through the “All properties” default property, “Contact owner.” 

  • Navigate to Contacts and click on the name of an unassigned contact.
  • Click “View all properties” (in the “About” section on the left side).
  • Search for the contact owner property using the search bar, then hover over the owner property you wish to track.
  • Select an owner by hovering over the property and clicking the pencil icon to bring out the dropdown menu.
  • Click “Save.”