How to set up Recurring Payments in HubSpot

HubSpot creates a subscription record for buyer purchases made with (a) a payment link set up for recurring payments, or (b) a quote containing payments and recurring line items. ACH payments generate records immediately after a payment is authorized and submitted.

HubSpot subscription records are linked to buyers through their contact, company, deal, and payment records. Terms established in quote or patent links dictate ongoing billing terms. Buyers receive receipts for every charge while their HubSpot subscription properties are updated. Users can elect to send email reminders to buyers 14 days before their next payment is due.

Users are only notified of the FIRST subscription payment a buyer makes. Additional internal payment notifications can be set up using workflows. 

Additional setup options include the following.

  • Editing subscription name
  • Providing buyers with links to update their payment method
  • Canceling a subscription

NOTE: Users may NOT create recurring payment subscriptions manually as they are considered a lawful basis for contact communication.


Users can view, check, or edit subscription information or create payment method update links through the HubSpot contact, company, deal, or payment records.

  • Navigate to “Contacts,” then click “Contacts,” “Companies,” “Deals,” or “Payments.”
  • Click on the record you wish to view/edit.
  • Navigate to the subscription card (right sidebar) to display the current status.
    • Active: all scheduled payments received and processed.
    • Unpaid: the scheduled payment for the current billing cycle failed. 
      (Note: Buyer will receive a request to update payment information.)
    • Canceled: the subscription has been canceled before the term. 
    • Expired: Buyer has been charged and no further charges are expected.
  • Move your cursor over a subscription and click the  “Preview” button.

  • Right side panel will show subscription details and options for editing the subscription name or associated contact.
  • To send a buyer a link to update their payment method, navigate to the right side of the panel, click “Actions,” then click “Update payment method.”

NOTE: Pausing or updating subscription terms requires canceling the subscription and creating a new payment link or quote once the subscription is updated or restarted.


  • Navigate to “Contacts,” then click “Contacts,” “Companies,” “Deals,” or “Payments.”
  • Click on the record you wish to view/edit.
  • Move your cursor over a subscription and click the  “Preview” button.
  • Click “Actions,” then click “Cancel subscription.”

Subscriptions are canceled immediately. Users can elect to cancel at/near the end of a term (recommended for users without a refund policy) or offer a refund for the remainder of the term (this can be issued from your payments dashboard). Canceling while an ACH payment is spending does not automatically cancel that payment, therefore, a refund for that payment will also be required. Buyers will receive an email notification of the subscription cancellation.


HubSpot payment reminder emails alert buyers to upcoming payments 14 days before the due date.

  • On your HubSpot main navigation bar, click the settings icon <INSERT IMAGE OF ICON?>.
  • Navigate to “Payments,” then click the “General” tab.
  • Click the “Upcoming payment reminder” switch so it shows “ON.”
  • Click “Save.”

NOTE: Users can also set up upcoming payment notifications through workflows.


HubSpot subscription data is available for use in workflows, lists, and reports. Examples of such applications include…

…creating subscription-based workflows, 

…establishing subscription enrollment triggers, 

…tracking recurring revenue, 

…creating custom subscription-data-based reports,

…using subscription properties to create segmented contacts and/or companies lists.