Marathon vs. Sprint: When Success Isn’t Fast

Author: Steve James


If your selling cycle is 18 months long, you won’t be able to measure success in a month or even a quarter. How do you know what to measure and how to interpret data then?

On this episode, I talked to Courtney Korselt, Global Marketing Manager, and Jack Hughes, Global Digital Marketing Specialist — both of Bostik.

What we talked about:

  • The 2 buckets that your data needs to go into
  • How to communicate your data to leadership in a way they’ll understand
  • Marketing strategies that add value, not volume, to the inbox
  • Strategies and challenges to implementing digital marketing in a niche space

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“The success that we want to see might take a year or two, so have that patience but also set that expectation that it's going to take a while.” —Courtney Korselt

“It takes a lot of practice and patience to figure out what data you should be using, what you should be reporting, and what you should or shouldn't be paying attention to.” —Jack Hughes

Show Notes: 

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