HubSpot CMS Hub Professional vs Enterprise Features and Pricing Comparison (2021)

Eliminate roadblocks and frustration that comes with website content updates using HubSpot CMS Hub. The new HubSpot CMS Hub, launched in 2020, eliminates any tensions between marketers and developers during a website redesign process and throughout ongoing website optimizations. With smart features, like drag and drop editing and themes, developers can create flexible content structures that allow marketers to make quick, easy updates.

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Author: Steve James

HubSpot CMS Hub Pricing and Features in 2021

How much does the HubSpot CMS Hub cost?

CMS Hub is available in three editions: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. The HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) pricing for CMS Hub Starter is $25/month, Professional is $400/month and CMS Hub Enterprise is $1200/month.

The HubSpot CMS can also be purchased with any edition of the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub.

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Author: Steve James

Creating 1:1 Sales Videos: Vidyard vs Wistia vs Loom vs Drift

As more and more organizations choose to adopt a hybrid of virtual and in-person work environments, everything from happy hour to company meetings are being done using video platforms.

The sales landscape is no different.

The solution? Create highly personalized sales videos to reach your customers on a more personal level. In this article, we’ll explore 1:1 sales videos and the platforms specific to creating them. Let’s dive in!

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Author: Steve James

How to Make a Photoshop Video 2021: The Basics in Under 7 Minutes

Want to make video but all you have is Photoshop? No problem! Adobe Photoshop has video editing capabilities that you can use to make professional looking marketing videos.

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Author: Stephanie Santoro

Account-Based Marketing for Manufacturers (Free Checklist)

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing, or ABM as it’s also called, is a B2B marketing strategy that targets key businesses through a variety of channels. It’s similar to marketing in that you’ll go after specific audiences, but instead of focusing on the many, you’ll put your personalized, strategic marketing efforts into fewer, larger ticket accounts.

When account-based marketing is done well, it positively impacts your bottom line. To reach your goals, your sales and marketing team must work collaboratively, localizing the beneficial accounts that will have the greatest ROI.

If your manufacturing company is targeting those Fortune 500s, having an ABM strategy in place will allow you to more effectively be seen and heard by your target audience.

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Author: Melissa Brodsky

Journey-Based Advertising Campaigns: Overview and How To Get Started

The world of advertising has changed a lot over the years. Early advertisers could choose publications or television shows that their target audiences may enjoy, but that's about as far as targeting went. The rise of digital ads and big data, fueled by the massive growth of companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, now allows advertisers to make hyper-specific targeting decisions about exactly who they want to reach. It's now cheaper than ever to get your ad in front of the exact type of person you'd like as a customer. The problem is, ads are everywhere. They are background noise at best and annoyances at worst. In order to cut through the clutter, you must do things differently. You must stop viewing advertising as a way to bring in money and start viewing it as a way to build relationships. Because, ultimately, relationships are how you make money. One of the best ways to do this is through journey-based advertising.

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Author: Steve James

CRM Advertising: What Is It and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

CRM Advertising is quickly becoming the best approach for marketers who aren't just focused on customer acquisition alone, but on customer retention as well. If you've ever fished, you probably understand the amount of sitting, wishing, and waiting involved in the entire process. But you also realize that some strategies can increase your chances of carrying home a few catches. For instance, you know that a larger, more populated pond offers better chances, so you can't waste your time in the wrong pond. Appealing bait is also crucial, so you'll always ensure you cast the reel with a little twitchy snack. If there's no bite after some time, you'll move to a different location to entice new fish or retarget the ones that weren't tempted by your offering the first time around. 

This is the exact mentality that marketers should consider when engaging and re-engaging prospects through targeted, CRM-powered ads as they spend time in the digital sea.

This detailed guide offers an overview of CRM advertising, features, and how far the HubSpot ad management tool can reach in terms of generating leads and increasing conversions.

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Author: Steve James

How to Use the Clubhouse App (For Beginners - Business Owners and Marketing)

What is the Clubhouse app? Given that the app is only beginning to get mainstream exposure, that's probably the first question on your mind. The new social media app is currently in closed beta, but more and more people are joining every day.  Even if no one you personally know is using the app yet, it doesn't mean there are no familiar names on the network: it's popular among celebrities.

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Author: Steve James

How to Create and Use Vision & Mission Statements (B2B Guide & Examples)

Much has been written about admonishing leadership teams of the need and steps for creating vision and mission statements. There are volumes, even books on the subject. This article won’t duplicate or match the conventional wisdom found on the web or in print. But it will endeavor to highlight the best thinking on B2B vision and mission statements. It will also serve to assist company founders, CEOs, and leaders in sound ways to think about them and inspire meaningful creation and use of them in the B2B space.

Are you in the process of updating your B2B digital marketing plan for the upcoming year? Now’s a good time to perform a checkup of your company’s vision and mission statements. Even if you’re not in the budgeting and planning season, gaining more clarity on long-term company direction and near-term focus will pay big dividends towards achieving more significant results.

Or maybe you haven’t created them yet because you’ve been too busy running the business; you’re not sure how they differ; you don’t know how to get started, and you’re not too sure what to do with a vision and mission statement once you have them nailed down.

No worries. This article will help serve as a practical guide for setting or touching up your B2B vision and mission statements. It will cover the following:

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Author: Greg Elwell

Digital Advertising in Today's TV Landscape: What You Need To Know

The TV landscape has changed. Technology now allows us to stream our favorite channels wherever we are and on whatever device we are on. This means as an advertiser you have more advertising options to get your brand in front of your audience.
I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Ben Van Horn, Director of Advanced Advertising at Spectrum Reach. In our interview, we talked about:

Watch the video below to see the entire conversation on the current and future state of TV advertising, or scroll down to read the sections most relevant to you and your business. 

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Author: Mary Jo Preston