What are the Top Four Marketing Books You Need to Read Now

Author: Steve James


There are a lot of fantastic, important marketing books out there, but you don’t know which ones you should read next.

You need to hear our next guest.

Douglas Burdett is the host of The Marketing Book Podcast. (Forbes called it one of 11 podcasts that will keep you in the know.)

We asked Burdett which books he’s recommending to marketing and business leaders right now and why.

  • Buyer Personas by Adele Revella. “There are just five insights you need to understand your customer well,” said Burdett. “You don't have to do it perfectly. You just have to do it a little bit better than your competition.”
  • They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan. This is the story of a failing Florida pool company that saved their business by answering every pool question on their website.
  • From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross. There are three types of lead generation activities that every fast-growing company should be doing. Ross calls them seeds, spears, and nets.
  • The Convenience Revolution by Shep Hyken. The more you can do to reduce friction for your customers, the more successful you'll be.

“We found that buyer personas just gives the client an unfair advantage. Because the companies that understand their customers the best are the ones that win.” -- Douglas Burdett

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