What Makes an Effective Marketing Video (Hint: Not Quality)

Author: Steve James


You’ve got a product that’s been around for generations. Demand is a no-brainer, so why even bother marketing it? (Especially when all the new stuff is clamoring for your attention.)

At first it can seem like an easy choice to rely on a product to sell itself versus taking time away from newer products to promote an oldie but goodie.

But... providing a base level of support across all products and markets is necessary if a company is going to grow steadily.

I got to talk to Steve Thielke, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Bradley Corporation, about why video is the biggest driver and why overengineering video isn’t a good idea.

“Companies need to focus on providing a base level of support across all the products and markets if they do want to continue to grow steadily.” — Steve Thielke

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