You need a Video Marketing Mission Statement

Author: Steve James


Does your company have a YouTube page? 

Odds are, probably.

But do you or anybody at your company actually know the PURPOSE behind that page? Behind creating videos?

Are you making videos because someone told you that video was in?

Or that “all the millennials” are using video? 

Until you get a video marketing mission statement on paper, you’ll wander aimlessly. 

Thankfully, Jessie Ariss was a guest on the Streamlined podcast recently and talked about 

  • The 4 things to consider when implementing a video strategy. 
  • What a video marketing mission statement is, and why you MUST have one. 
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself when developing a video marketing mission statement. 

“There’s video, and then there’s video strategy. And the two are drastically different.” Jessie Ariss

Show Notes: 

Jessie Ariss LinkedIn

Video Marketing Strategy: What You Need to Know to Succeed

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

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