Alison is a part of the content team at Stream Creative. As a trained journalist, her interviewing and researching skills are key to understanding what clients want and need in their digital marketing strategy. She thrives when working under tight deadlines and takes pride in writing effective copy that is clear, informative, and delivers positive results.

    Before joining Stream Creative, Alison graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with an English and journalism degree. She started her career as a reporter for her local newspaper, where she wrote articles ranging from business features to hard-news criminal report stories. She then worked at Kohl’s Corporate as a product development and marketing specialist. Her main responsibility was to ensure all product packaging and marketing stayed true to brand identity. 

    Alison is happy to have found her niche as a copywriter, which is the perfect combination of her writing and marketing background. Her favorite part about her job at Stream Creative is that she gets to research and learn something new every day, depending on what project she’s working on!  

    “I love being a part of the Stream Creative team. Everyone is so talented and brings something different to the table. It’s amazing to witness how our unique skills work together to reach end goals that always exceed client expectations.”

    In her spare time, Alison enjoys traveling, spending time at her family’s lake house, and reading. She particularly loves reading about WWII history and has traveled to many WWII historical sites around Europe.


    Personal Interests

    Color: Black or any color found in a sunset.
    Blog/Website: Pinterest, YouTube
    Activities: Reading, writing, traveling, spending time with family, teaching English as a foreign language, watching foreign movies.
    TV Show: Currently watching “The Last Kingdom” and loving it — destiny is all!
    Reading: Currently reading “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann / Favorite book about writing is  “On Writing” by Stephen King
    Fav Place: Reading has always been a way to clear my mind, so I would have to say anywhere a book transports me (cheesy, I know). My favorite place to read is on my cabin porch overlooking the lake.
    Bad Habit: Overthinking and twirling my hair while overthinking.
    Drink: Coffee by day, manhattan by night. I can also appreciate a glass of sparkling water with a lemon slice!