14 Years of Experience as a Virtual Assistant Administrative, Technical, Creative, and Digital Marketing Support

    Watz joined Stream Creative in 2015. She works remotely, providing administrative and technical support. Her interests range from a love of learning new things and the outdoors to yoga, travel, and sports.

    “Working at Stream Creative is a dream come true! I am honored to be part of this amazing team. They motivate me to grow, work harder, and achieve more!”

    When not at work, Watz enjoys coaching and playing volleyball, traveling locally, and spending quality time with her husband and two teens, three dogs, and 12 cats. 



    Personal Interests

    Beverages: Lemonade, Red Wine
    TV Show: Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, anything on Netflix
    Activities: Coaching and playing volleyball, anything outdoors
    Bad Habit: Looking at screens right before bed
    Color: Green
    Candy: Fruit jelly candies
    Book: Pride and Prejudice
    Season: Summer