Social Media Domination: The Importance of Sharing

Author: Monica Madsen

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to see how the “older generation” views Facebook, how there’s so much information and networking on the site. As the conversation went on, I was thinking about the major changes Facebook has made since it first launched in 2004. 

Facebook started as a way to socialize and stay connected with friends. Now it has turned into a social sharing and marketing site. 

When I got to work today, I opened up Hubspot Blog to check the latest news, and ironically, the first article I see, “Facebook Dominates Social Sharing With 38% of Shares on the Web [Data].” 

Businesses, bands, organizations, etc. are creating pages on Facebook to reach out to their target audience. Facebook is being used as a means of marketing and advertising. If you “like” a company’s page, you have the opportunity to receive special deals and coupons. It is an extra incentive for people to join Facebook, just to stay up-to-date on the latest sales at their favorite store. 

The same can be said about other social media sites as well, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. How many times do you go on social media sites and wind up clicking on a blog post or article and then share it on your Twitter or Facebook profile? I know for me, it’s at least twice a day. 

Businesses want to know what you’re interested in and will use social media to better sell themselves and get their information out to where you are looking. They are going to “listen” to the comments you post on a blog, Facebook page, or what you tweet on Twitter, and then use that information for their benefit to reach their target audience, through marketing and advertising.

It just goes to show that sharing content and the latest news on Facebook is beneficial for yourself for networking purposes, and for your business or organization to reach your target audience through marketing and advertising. 

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