Helvetica: The Movie

Author: Brian Brinkman

At first I was very hesitant to see the movie. I thought it would be another boring, teacher wasting their students time kind of documentary. I was wrong. I enjoyed every second of it and yes, I am a design nerd. Though there are varying opinions of the font, the documentary does a great job getting insight from both sides of the debate (I wonder what side this guy is on?). Not only does it reintroduce us to some familiar faces in the design world, but it gives us a history of the font and the reasoning behind it’s creation. If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend watching it. This may be my inner nerd talking again,but I think it’s kind of cool to learn a little something about a font that we use/see everyday. I guarantee after you watch this movie you will start spotting Helvetica everywhere. Even if you would like Helvetica to fall off the face of the earth, it’s worth the rental. ( http://www.helveticafilm.com/ )

Topics: Graphic Design

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Brian is one of the founding partners at Stream Creative. His roles and responsibilities range from Operations to Accounting, Design to HR. Trained as a Graphic Designer, Brian’s experience and aptitude for technology bring a variety of technical skills to the Stream Creative team.

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