Testing eMarketing HTML Emails

Author: Brian Brinkman

Today Litmus announced a new tool for testing HTML emails for cross-email client compatibility.  The new tool they've dubbed "Interactive Testing", allows HTML email developers to view and make real-time edits to their code in each of the popular email clients. This could potentially be a huge time saving feature for trouble shooting issues and giving you piece of mind your email will look flawless no matter what email client your audience is using.

Starting Session

In my limited testing of the tool, I found the process to be very straightforward and intuitive.  I simply opened an HTML email.  Immediately I noticed the new tab at the bottom of the screen called Interative Testing. Upon clicking the tab an alert came up stating the live testing session was starting. 

Interative HTML Email Testing

Once loaded, a coding window pops up containing all the HTML used in the email.  I used the HTML editor to make changes and simply hit "Apply Changes" to see how it looked in the selected email client (in this case Lotus Notes). The HTML editor also includes a handy button to export your edited HTML for deployment into your eMarketing service.

I'm looking forward to testing this tool further as I truly believe this could signicantly improve the time needed to properly test eMarketing campaigns.  If you have any tools you would like to share regarding HTML emails or cross-platform testing in general please share your comments below.

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