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WTF – WhatTheFont.com is a Font Matching Web Service and a Huge Time-Saver

Author: Steve James

Recently we had a new client ask us to design some holiday packaging and also update a point of purchase display box. The printer passed along the old files from the POP display but the fonts were created as outline in Illustrator. Knowing the situation with the previous design firm and our new client, I wasn’t going to get the files that had the original working fonts. My first reaction was to start browsing through Suitcase (font organizer) and just hope to find a match. This process would have wasted at least 20 – 30 minutes so instead I asked someone in our office and was directed to WhattheFont.com to see if I could find the match.

The process was simple, create a JPG of a word with the font I needed to match and upload to WhattheFont.com (a program on myfonts.com web site), within a minute a number of close matches came up and I was able to quickly review and find the exact font. Luckily, we already owned the font that matched the clients outlined font so I just needed to turn it on in Suitcase and I was off and running. Myfonts.com makes it easy to purchase the fonts though if you don’t own them and need it.

This is definitely a great resource and bookmark worthy for any marketing/advertising/graphic design professional.

Here’s what I uploaded to Whatthefont.com:

Word "Simply" uploaded to Whatthefont.com

This is what Whatthefont.com Displayed for Results and I was able to find that “Linotype Centennial 96 Black Italic Oldstyle Figures” was the font I needed:

My Font.com Match to Missing Font



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