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Author: Steve James

We recently started a campaign project with a local school to promote their annual benefit gala. As we brainstormed ideas with their marketing committee months ago the team came up with some great concepts that wrapped around the students of the school and the idea that donors and volunteers involved with the gala (coming up this November) will have a crucial role in helping students “build their futures”.

During this brainstorm session we talked about using photography of students to help push the concept. There was no hesitation or discussion about if we should use photos of actual students versus stock photography but the conversation was around when we could shoot and which photographer we should use. THIS SCHOOL GETS IT!

The power of using actual students of the school in the photos tied to the new message will help tremendously tell the real story of the school and how it changes the lives of children daily. Donors, volunteers and potential attendees of the gala will be able to to see actual students of the school in all of the marketing collateral leading up to the event.

Now don’t get me wrong, we use stock photography all the time for all sorts of projects in print and web since there are great stock photos with no royalties and for little cost. I know we will continue to use stock photography because all clients needs and budgets are different. The only problem is that many times we have seen the same photo used in a project of ours in other advertising which doesn’t really help our clients image or brand when you have other companies using that same photo in their promotional material.

So working with a client that “Gets It” is refreshing. We get to work with a team of people that are interested in developing a campaign that is unique and uses photos that are tied directly to the school’s message and brings something personal to the campaign that donors and volunteers can relate to and remember.

Below are a few snapshots of  the shoot, photography by Ellen Cook Photography.


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