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Dropbox Online Storage versus Apple’s MobileMe iDisk

In the office we each have an Apple MobileMe account to help sync our calendars, passwords, browser bookmarks etc., but the one service that I haven’t been able to use efficiently that comes part of the yearly subscription is the iDisk. Apple gives you 10gb of space which is great for any marketing or design professional who wants to back up large files that are easily accessible from other computers. The problem with iDisk is the transfer speed from my computer to iDisk server is extremely slow. And when you are working with large Graphic Design project files it’s just painful to see how long it takes to back up a file from your local computer drive to iDisk.

So, I’ve been using Dropbox and it’s free 2gb account for the past 6 months and love how simple and smooth the program is. I use it all the time to transfer files from my work computer to home computer and also have my laptop connected. Files immediately move into the Dropbox “folder” and sync up into the dropbox cloud in the background. It’s been a great addition for doing quick backups of my design project files at work when I know I will need to access them at home or via the free iphone app. The other great thing is it automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.

Dropbox is great for anyone in the Marketing or Advertising industry (really anyone) who is looking for another back up option of files from work so you don’t need to carry an external harddrive or thumbdrive back and forth from the office. Dropbox also allows for easy file sharing features so you can share your files with others.

I highly suggest taking a look a the Dropbox features from the link below and at the very least signing up for a free account to give it a try.

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