, How Small Businesses Can Increase Exposure with Social Coupons

Author: Steve James

Groupon is a web site where you can get coupons for businesses in your city for a huge discount if enough people decide that the deal is worth it to buy. For businesses looking to get attention or just to get people to check them out for a first time this is a great site to look into. And for consumers how can you not pass up a great deal from a restaurant or shop in your city.

I signed up earlier this week to get a daily email of the "coupon of the day" and have to say I am impressed. The first coupon that caught my eye was for a local Brewery and Restaurant that I have been wanting to check out for a while now. The coupon was a $25 value for $10 and needed 25 people to purchase this deal to make it a legit coupon. By the end of the day, 644 people bought the coupon. And I can't imagine how many times the promotional email was forwarded to friends that might also want to take advantage. I also used Facebook Connect to sign in to groupon so with one very easy click I could post this deal on my facebook feed for my "friends" to check out. Talk about VIRAL, Horny Goat Brewery could have paid a lot of money for advertising for this type of exposure. Instead, they let the community decide if the special deal/coupon was worth it and let them spread the word.

Today the deal in Milwaukee is a 1 hour Swedish Massage fromMilwaukee's Best Massage$35 for a $70 value . I knew this coupon wasn't something I was interested in but I forwarded to my Wife who would be.  I am pretty sure she never heard of this specific massage business before which is great for this small business as a way to broaden their brand reach in the local community. This deal only needed 30 people to purchase it and that happened at 7:00 am this morning and they are up to 164 coupons sold as of 9:45 am. What a great way to get people to try  your services and to spread the word about your business.

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