8 Starter Tasks to Join the Inbound Marketing World

Author: Jeff Coon

Article originally written and published for Inbound Marketing University

Learning the principles and methodologies of inbound marketing may seem daunting at first - especially to veteran marketers and seasoned business professionals who may be used to traditional (outbound) marketing. When beginning inbound marketing, it helps to put the tools and technology aside and begin with things you already know.

We like to relate inbound marketing and social networking to traditional business networking events. The same principles and social graces apply to both endeavors. The steps to joining a traditional/offline networking group usually go something like this:

1. Find a group to join that aligns with your business
2. Attend group events and monthly meetings
3. Get to know the group members
4. Find out how you can offer value to the group
5. Pass along referrals to other group members when possible
6. Continue to build relationships by being trustworthy, credible and
active in the group
7. Present at a monthly meeting and showcase your expertise
8. Accept business referrals - or kindly ask for them when appropriate

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, social networking, online networking