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Marketing/Design Tech Tip: iPhone App For Identifying Fonts

Author: Brian Brinkman

In a previous article we discussed the benefits of using WhatTheFont.com, a free online service for identiying fonts.  I recently discovered the folks at MyFonts developed an App that delivers the same great font-matching features to the iPhone. 

What the Font App

The process is simple.  First upload a photo that includes the font in question.  This is done by either taking a new photo or using a photo you have saved on your iPhone.

Once the photo is uploaded, you can click and drag with your finger to isolate the characters(s) you would like to identify.

What the Font image upload

WhatTheFont will present a character check screen to help the system better identify each letter.  You can omit or change characters if the system guessed wrong, but in my experience the system is usually right on point for identifying letters.

WhatTheFont Character Check

Once the characters are correct you can click the Identify! button.  WhatTheFont will report back a list of the closest matching fonts MyFonts has in its databse. 

WhatTheFont font matches

From my experience, using Photoshop can help WhatTheFont better identify your fonts if at first you don't succeed: 

  1. Make sure your font has plenty of contrast from the background. 
  2. Add kerning if your letterforms are touching.
  3. If possible, be sure to include any unique characters.  In the previous screen shots, you'll notice the the letter "k" is pretty unique to this font.

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Brian is one of the founding partners at Stream Creative. His roles and responsibilities range from Operations to Accounting, Design to HR. Trained as a Graphic Designer, Brian’s experience and aptitude for technology bring a variety of technical skills to the Stream Creative team.

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