Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Sept. 19 - 23

Author: Monica Madsen

It’s all about getting found. How you go about getting found is the real test. Search engines, social media, and blogs have revolutionized lead generation. Consumers spend most of their time online for shopping research, reading reviews and blogs, and just using search engines. Because of this, businesses are making the transformation from outbound to inbound marketing. To remain competitive with their websites, businesses should create an engaging online atmosphere for their customers, to make it more readily available to sell products and services. Here are steps, strategies, and advice from lead generation experts.

Five Strategies for Speaking to B2B Buyers' Pain Points

Seal the deal with your online customers. Easier said than done. Dan McDade, president and CEO of PointClear, gives five approaches to draw in your customers and motivate them to make a buying decision. In this article:

  • Understand your customers’ buying plan
  • Show an incentive and benefit for buying
  • Use people’s buying reasons to your advantage

Top 10 Online Lead Generation Techniques for Professional Services

Digital marketing is the way to generate leads for businesses. Unlike traditional lead generation that uses outbound marketing methods, the new way of lead generation is demonstrating knowledge and building relationships that utilize inbound marketing. In this article from Hinge Marketing:

  • Apply SEO to your website and blogs
  • Develop an easy to understand website
  • Connect with the right people through networking

4 Steps to Transform Leads Into Customers

You understand the process of lead generation and have implemented inbound marketing strategies into your site. The flow of visitors and leads are increasing. The next step is to turn those leads and visitors into customers. Greg Alexander, a guest writer for Hubspot, suggests four transformation strategies to use. In this article:

  • Use a sales process
  • Prove there is a need
  • Evaluate and resolve problems

Best Practices For Social Media Lead Generation

During this years HubSpot User Group Summit (HUGS), Kipp Bodnar discussed how to implement social media into your lead generation strategy. Check out this presentation from HUGS 2011.

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