Jeff Coon Speaks about Inbound12 at the First HubSpot Milwaukee User Group

Author: Monica Madsen

Networking is an effective way to meet new people in your industry and collaborate with them. This is a goal of the new HubSpot Milwaukee User Group – to teach, discuss, and brainstorm Inbound Marketing strategies, campaigns, and tools.

jeff coon milwaukee hubspot user groupThe group’s first meeting recapped the biggest inbound marketing conference, Inbound 12, hosted by HubSpot in Boston. Our very own Jeff Coon had the opportunity to speak at this meeting, recapping the keynote presentation by Rand Fishkin, and discussed HubSpot 3, which was unveiled at Inbound 12.

From Rand Fishkin’s presentation, How to Leverage SEO to Expand the Power of Inbound Marketing, Jeff covered the 12 biases and myths of inbound marketing. He then went into more detail on his top 5 myths and explained why they are, in fact, myths:

  • Ranking position is all that matters
    • The average Click-thru-Rate is 18.2% for top results in organic search
    • A CTR is influenced by more than the position in search results
    • Great snippets start with great titles, URLs, and descriptions, and provide value in the right niches
  • Active link building is required for SEO
    • The best links build themselves
    • Building relationships will help build links
    • Be great writers, influencers, and relationship builders
  • There can only be one topic
    • Focus on what your audience is interested in, not a narrow subject
    • Share what’s valuable and relevant to potential and current customers
    • Create broad topics that will earn signals to help your entire site
  • Twitter and Facebook are the only networks that matter
    • Many social networks can be valuable such as:
      • Google+
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Foursquare
      • Pinterest
    • Don’t just stay on Twitter and Facebook – go where your potential customers are
  • If a viral content effort fails, it’s over
    • Content can be rebuilt and tested
    • SEOmoz launched a new version of the same content 4 times on the same URL
    • Viral content fails 9 out of 10 times – plan for it

Jeff also discussed HubSpot 3, which was launched at the inbound marketing conference. HubSpot 3 is a new marketing software that was built to help remove unnecessary steps in the marketing process, and to help grow your brand and contacts. Jeff covered a few of the newest features that all relate to providing content based on the lifecycle stage of the user, which include:

  • Smart Lists and Segmentation
  • Smart CTAs
  • Smart Fields
  • Workflows

Each of these new items allow the marketer to create rules that will trigger targeted communications and actions based on a lead’s behavior, interests, industry, or other segmentations you choose.

Check out these videos from HubSpot about Inbound 12 and HubSpot 3:

Overall, it was a successful first meeting for the HubSpot Milwaukee User Group, with great discussion on inbound marketing steps and strategies. More events are planned. You do not have to be a HubSpot user to attend.

Are you interested in learning more about Inbound Marketing or HubSpot 3? Contact us to get started!

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