Stream Creative Named One of Thirty Global Agencies in Launch of Jasper’s AI Solutions Partner Program

Author: Andrea Meyers

Jasper Certified Solutions Partner Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Stream Creative Enters exclusive partnership with Jasper to elevate marketing solutions through cutting-edge AI integration, support, and education for clients. 
(MILWAUKEE, WIS – November 30, 2023)  –  Stream Creative, a leading marketing and sales agency, proudly announces its acceptance into the Jasper AI Solutions Partner Program. This recognition places Stream Creative among an elite group of thirty agencies worldwide named as partners instituted during the program's launch. The partnership emphasizes Stream Creative’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to enterprise-level companies through integrating Jasper's powerful AI tools.

Designed to empower marketing agencies, consultancies, systems integrators, and other solution providers, Jasper's AI Solutions Partner Program offers a transformative framework for successfully integrating generative AI into service offerings. This strategic partnership enables Stream Creative to elevate its service capabilities, delivering enhanced business outcomes to clients with greater efficiency.

Steve James, a partner from Stream Creative, expressed the agency's enthusiasm about joining Jasper's AI Solutions Partner Program. "Recognizing the demand for enterprise marketing AI use cases and solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients in various industries, we found a perfect match in Jasper,” stated James. “Jasper's API allows us to create custom solutions, which opens the door for increased efficiencies and opportunities that meet and exceed our clients' needs."

As one of the exclusive thirty agencies selected for the program’s launch, Stream Creative gains access to a range of benefits provided by the Jasper AI Solutions Partner Program. These include comprehensive training, resources, and certification tailored to facilitate the seamless integration of generative AI into service offerings. Stream Creative is poised to transform into an AI-powered services organization, aligning with Jasper's vision of driving innovation in the digital marketing landscape. 

The partnership also includes dedicated support, with a Jasper partner manager and success manager assigned to Stream Creative. This ensures personalized assistance and guidance, reinforcing the agency's ability to maximize the potential of Jasper's AI-powered tools in their client engagements.

Al Biedrzycki, Director of Jasper's Solutions Partner Program, stated, "We're incredibly thrilled to have Stream Creative join Jasper as a certified Solutions Partner. Their expertise and years of industry experience will help us bring even more value to our customers through their own unique blend of AI-powered service offerings."

Exclusive visibility into Jasper's product roadmap offers Stream Creative a forward-looking perspective, allowing the agency to align its strategies with upcoming developments in Jasper's AI solutions. This insight positions Stream Creative at the forefront of innovation, enabling the agency to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven marketing and sales.

About Jasper's AI Solutions Partner Program:

Jasper's AI Solutions Partner Program is specifically designed for marketing agencies, consultancies, systems integrators, and other solutions providers. The program equips partners with training, resources, and certification to seamlessly integrate generative AI into their service offerings, enabling them to deliver enhanced business outcomes to clients efficiently. The program empowers partners to provide a range of services, from marketing strategy and branding to AI workshops and technical implementations.

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About Stream Creative
Stream Creative is a group of nationally recognized marketers who enjoy supporting business owners, marketing directors, and internal design teams in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and around the world. Founded in 2006 by Jeff Coon, Steve James, and Brian Brinkman, Stream Creative is an inbound marketing and design agency, and a Platinum Level HubSpot Partner. The team takes great pride in creating multi-channeled marketing campaigns that grow brands and create loyalty among consumers for business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations in industries such as manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, and more. For more information, please visit

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Founded in 2021, Jasper is an AI copilot for marketing teams that want better outcomes in addition to faster outputs. Jasper securely trains on your brand and strategy, accelerates content and campaign production, and helps marketers measure and optimize for performance all as part of an end-to-end copilot. Jasper has been recognized as "one of America's fastest-growing private companies" by Inc. 5000 and was one of the fastest companies to reach 100M+ users. Customers include Sports Illustrated, Anthropologie, SentinelONE, and more. Learn more at

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