Weekly Flashback: Use Flex To Optimize Facebook Ads and How To Write Catchy Titles Readers Can’t Resist

Author: Steve James

2_26Web.jpgMy favorite posts this week touch on everything from optimizing Facebook ads to writing “sexy” blog titles. Articles about SEO always catch my attention as well, and I’ve included one that provides some great tips on how linking marketing and SEO can produce stellar results. Check out these posts along with a few other good ones I’ve collected this week:

  1. How to Use Flex Targeting to Optimize Your Facebook Ads – Social Media Examiner

Are you incorporating Facebook advertising into your inbound marketing strategy for 2016? If you haven’t heard about Flex targeting, it is an interesting tool that lets you serve Facebook ads to people who share a highly customized combination of interests, behaviors, and demographics. Flex targeting also allows you to significantly scale up conversions – making sure that only a highly targeted audience sees your ads.

  1. How to Use Six Google Analytics Reports to Complete a Website Content Audit – Moz.com

Does your content marketing strategy start with an audit of your site as it is currently? In this post, Daniel Hochuli talks about the importance of taking a good look of where you are, before you can make plans to move ahead. He shares how to make a content audit with six Google analytics reports that can help you make smart decisions about the health of your site, what type of content your audience wants, and how to benchmark performance.

  1. Use This Agenda For Your 2016 Content Marketing Plan – BusinessGrow.com

This post does a great job highlighting the importance of a content marketing plan to support your social media efforts. Gone are the days when just sharing of information or regurgitating of others’ information will produce successful social results. A well strategized content marketing plan can make a big difference and this post gives you a step-by-step guide with ideas and tips for execution.

  1. How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can't Resist – HubSpot.com

What is the point of creating good content if your title doesn’t capture the attention of a reader? This post shares a fool-proof method for writing catchy titles and headlines from starting with a working title to making it sexy.

  1. 6 Tips for SEO and Marketing in 2016 – Inc.com

More than ever before, marketing and SEO are working together hand in hand. In this post, AJ Agrawal talks about bringing together SEO and marketing teams to help gain the most traffic and conversions for your company. Learn 8 important tips to help navigate the ever-changing world of SEO and incorporate successful methods to build a successful plan.

What articles have you read this week that you found interesting or have saved as a good resource for your inbound and digital marketing initiatives?

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