3 Ways Inbound Marketers Are Just Like Santa Claus

Author: Janice Dombrowski

santa-mailbox_1We certainly don’t live in the North Pole or drive a reindeer sleigh to work, but there are three key similarities between inbound marketers and jolly ol’ Saint Nicholas.

Here’s a short list that will convince you that inbound marketers and Santa Claus operate in similar ways.

  1. You’ve Got to Believe.

    The spirit of Santa Claus exists in the excitement and anticipation of children at Christmas time. The rosy cheeks, the round belly and magic of Santa’s annual visit spark curiosity, wonder and merriment for the kid in all of us. Whether or not he really lives in the North Pole is moot; his spirit and the joy of the season are ingrained in all who believe.

    In a similar light, you have to believe in the principles of inbound marketing to be successful. Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that draws customers toward your business and encourages them to buy your product or service. Inbound marketing helps you build a relationship with each customer so they keep coming back.

    If you believe in building a loyal customer base, you have to put in the work to build the content they want to read. Believe in the power of blogs, social media, ebooks and free resource downloads that help customers understand your product or service or solve a problem. To connect with the right customers, you just have to be an inbound believer.

  2. Ask, And We Shall Deliver.

    In the month of December, Santa’s inbox is inundated with letters: children requesting their favorite things to be wrapped in ribbons and bows and delivered under the Christmas tree. We have all heard about Santa’s famous list and hope our names fall into the ‘nice’ column.

    Similarly, inbound marketers focus on attracting visitors and providing them with the content they are looking for. When potential customers search for a topic in their search browser, as inbound marketers, we want to deliver that perfect blog, ebook or guide to meet their needs. We believe in the importance of delivering the right information to the right people so they become leads and eventually, customers.

    Using keywords in your website content, blog and social media posts is a great way to reach the right customers. Think about focusing on the main points of your target customer, what they may ask for, and deliver exactly what they need. If your customer asks a specific question about your product or service, answer that question in a blog or free ebook and promote it within all of your online channels. When your customers ask a question be sure you are top of mind and provide the appropriate answers. The best way to build a relationship with your audience is to fulfill their wish list.

  3. Our Goal is To Delight You.

    Unless you see a screaming toddler on Santa’s lap, everything Santa touches seems to have Christmas magic. Bringing joy to children and adults, Santa Claus is associated with everything jolly and delightful.

    Inbound marketing, too, focuses on delighting customers. Providing quality, and at times, unexpected content to visitors, leads and customers alike; our goal it to provide a continual stream of valuable resources to keep people engaged. If we can provide the information our customer base is looking for and offer a product or service that exceeds their expectations, we too, are sure to delight.

Do you see other similarities? Maybe we should look into the sleigh option...

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