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5 Milwaukee Food Trucks Using Social Media to Drive Business

Author: Jason James

So there we were, "noses to the grindstone" on the verge of making another bad decision. Do we shuffle over to the fridge and get our depressing brown bag lunches from home or do we head over to McDonald's for some guilty pleasure? Honestly, I was leaning towards the latter. But then it happened. 

We find the mother of all lunch time events!

The Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce announced "Mobile Days @ Research Park." A delicious conglomeration of the areas best Food Trucks that use Social Media to connect with their customers and promote their amazing food. I may have had a tear when I got the news. It went from being an awesome day to an awesomer day. Needless to say, we left in a hurry. We arrived, we tasted* and tasted some more. It was great.

Walking around we observed the clear presence of Social Media and how each truck integrated it into their business. Whether it was a Twitter handle, Twitter icon, Facebook icon, it was everywhere. I've followed a few of the trucks on twitter for a while and it's fantastic how quickly they respond to customer feedback. It's realtime customer service, advertising and conversation all rolled into one. The pure essence of Social Media. But with amazing food! 

foodtruck post image

If you want a good idea of how they are utilizing Social Media to enhance the customer experience, check out some of the trucks below:







*By tasted, I mean obliterated.

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