Captain America: The First Avenger "Marvels" Social Media

Author: Monica Madsen

Not only is the movie filled with intense action, the social media campaign behind the movie is extreme and has obviously paid off.

Everyone knew Captain America was coming, based on other Marvel movies, such as Iron Man and Thor. But when the movie hit on July 22, it hit big and became the number 1 box office movie over the weekend, taking the spotlight away from Harry Potter.

So how did the Captain “avenge” Harry Potter? Well besides his amazing strengths and witty charm, Captain America had the help of social media and Marvel Studios.

After the first preview of the movie appeared during the Super Bowl, Marvel released a digital comic book series that was available online and as an iPad app. Marvel’s website made an entire hub page for the movie. The Captain America website is interactive, giving you the experience and thrill of the movie with downloads, videos, photos and more.

Naturally, Captain America appeared on Facebook with it’s own page for the movie, filled with information. But the exciting trailers, clips, and photos went on Marvel’s Facebook page, giving themselves the credit and promotion for the movie. Marvel gave people incentive to go to the Captain America tab on their page by giving people the chance to win a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This landing page also give fans the ability to share the Marvel story, spreading word about the movie on other social media sites, which equals a win for Captain America, Marvel, and the upcoming movie The Avengers, featuring the Marvel heroes and enemies.

Even Dunkin’ Donuts supported Marvel and Captain America with their three-flavored beverage container, which told people go online and “Unlock the Lab” to instantly win and enter into a Marvel sweepstakes.

Marvel was smart to team up with Dunkin' Donuts and Harley-Davidson; two companies with a big online reach on Facebook and Twitter. Using these two companies expanded their demographic, inviting even more people to enter the sweepstakes and see the movie.

Did Marvel go overboard with their advertising and social media for Captain America? No way! Yes, the movie was going to be a top hit in the box office no matter what, but the extras Marvel added boosted the movie’s image and popularity, drawing in more people. They interacted with people from all areas, not just those on Facebook. Through their smart use of social media, Marvel connected Captain America to millions of people and bringing them the full movie experience.

Have you been through Captain America experience yet? What are your thoughts on the movie and how Marvel reached out to promote the movie?

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