Account-Based Marketing for Manufacturers (Free Checklist)

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing, or ABM as it’s also called, is a B2B marketing strategy that targets key businesses through a variety of channels. It’s similar to marketing in that you’ll go after specific audiences, but instead of focusing on the many, you’ll put your personalized, strategic marketing efforts into fewer, larger ticket accounts.

When account-based marketing is done well, it positively impacts your bottom line. To reach your goals, your sales and marketing team must work collaboratively, localizing the beneficial accounts that will have the greatest ROI.

If your manufacturing company is targeting those Fortune 500s, having an ABM strategy in place will allow you to more effectively be seen and heard by your target audience.

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Author: Melissa Brodsky

Journey-Based Advertising Campaigns: Overview and How To Get Started

The world of advertising has changed a lot over the years. Early advertisers could choose publications or television shows that their target audiences may enjoy, but that's about as far as targeting went. The rise of digital ads and big data, fueled by the massive growth of companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, now allows advertisers to make hyper-specific targeting decisions about exactly who they want to reach. It's now cheaper than ever to get your ad in front of the exact type of person you'd like as a customer. The problem is, ads are everywhere. They are background noise at best and annoyances at worst. In order to cut through the clutter, you must do things differently. You must stop viewing advertising as a way to bring in money and start viewing it as a way to build relationships. Because, ultimately, relationships are how you make money. One of the best ways to do this is through journey-based advertising.

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Author: Steve James

CRM Advertising: What Is It and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

CRM Advertising is quickly becoming the best approach for marketers who aren't just focused on customer acquisition alone, but on customer retention as well. If you've ever fished, you probably understand the amount of sitting, wishing, and waiting involved in the entire process. But you also realize that some strategies can increase your chances of carrying home a few catches. For instance, you know that a larger, more populated pond offers better chances, so you can't waste your time in the wrong pond. Appealing bait is also crucial, so you'll always ensure you cast the reel with a little twitchy snack. If there's no bite after some time, you'll move to a different location to entice new fish or retarget the ones that weren't tempted by your offering the first time around. 

This is the exact mentality that marketers should consider when engaging and re-engaging prospects through targeted, CRM-powered ads as they spend time in the digital sea.

This detailed guide offers an overview of CRM advertising, features, and how far the HubSpot ad management tool can reach in terms of generating leads and increasing conversions.

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Author: Steve James

Captain America: The First Avenger "Marvels" Social Media

Not only is the movie filled with intense action, the social media campaign behind the movie is extreme and has obviously paid off.

captainamerica facebook
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Author: Monica Madsen

Target Ads Weren't 'LOST' On Us

Target TV Ad

For those LOST fans out there, you probably noticed the amount of TV ads that ran during the Season Finale. Admittedly, I was getting frustrated with the constant interruptions but I really enjoyed the ads that Target ran. (You can preview the TV Spots below.)

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Author: Jeff Coon