Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

Author: Monica Madsen

Email has grown and changed significantly since its inception. It has revolutionized how individuals and companies communicate globally and has proven to be a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. In order to be an effective marketing tool though, special practices should be met, such as what to include in the content and when to send an email. The design and layout of the email are very important as well. Here are this week's inbound marketing news articles about effective email marketing campaigns.


Email Newsletters: Best Practices for Small Businesses

Keeping your customers updated on products and services your business offers is important. So, naturally, you have an email newsletter that you send out regularly. However, problems can arise with email newsletters. Stephanie Buck, of Mashable, gives tips on how to have an efficient email newsletter. In this article:

  • Learn the appropriate time to send an email
  • Learn ways to correctly word your business email or newsletter
  • Learn the ethics of a proper business email

Four Ways to Remove Attention Barriers From Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be very effective when done right. If an email isn’t interesting within the first few seconds of viewing it, good luck keeping the viewer engaged throughout the rest of the email. It is key to attract the attention of the viewer without overpowering them with mass amounts of information and distractions. MarketingProfs gives some advice to remove certain attention barriers that prevent your viewer from seeing the important, worthwhile information. In this article:

  • Avoid timing problems when sending emails
  • Create an impression
  • Don’t mislead your customer

Email Marketing Tips From a VR Insider

Vertical Response knows about email. Colleen Corkery, the newest VR Marketing Coordinator, shares her tips about email marketing and how to make it last. In this article:

  • Use your own product to send an email or newsletter
  • Stay updated on relevant information and share it
  • Test! Test! Test!

Create Effective Buttons in Seconds!

Using call-to-action buttons in your emails help get your readers to click through to your website. Vertical Response recently launched a tool where you create the buttons and add them to your emails in a few simple steps!

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