Out With the Old, In With the New Facebook Timeline

Author: Monica Madsen

It’s a new year so change is expected and we all knew this change was coming. It’s been a hot topic ever since the rumor erupted. I’m referring to the Facebook Timeline.

facebook timelineWith Facebook Timeline, your whole life is right in front of you and is also visible to those able to view your profile. You have no secrets once you have the timeline. The timeline is a way to “tell your life story with a new kind of profile.” (According to the timeline homepage.)

With the introduction of the new feature come some negative and positive factors.


  • Privacy concerns. Everything you have ever shared on Facebook can be viewed. However, it can be deleted from the timeline.
  • Images display. When you upload an image, the dimensions are irregular. Also, when choosing a new profile picture, you no longer have the option to crop the picture like you could with the old profile layout.
  • No Timeline for pages. Businesses with a page don’t have the to opportunity to customize their brand page like a profile. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t change.


  • Customizable. Before making your timeline public for the Facebook world to see, you can adjust settings and make the timeline your own. However, if you don’t click the “publish” button within seven days, your timeline will go live automatically. Even after your timeline is published, you can go to the “Activity Log” (which only you can see) and pick and choose what you want shared.
  • Add dated posts. With the new timeline, you can fill in the gaps and add pictures from years ago and select the year from which it came.
  • It’s like a new game. Make your profile fit your personality using the Timeline Covers app. With the app you have the choice if creating your own cover image or choosing from the variety of images the app offers.

I’m still getting used to the big change Facebook made but I like it thus far. Have you updated your profile to have the new timeline? What do you think of the change?

Topics: Business, social media, Facebook