Email Marketing Made Simple via HubSpot

Author: Jeff Coon

HubSpot already offers an incredible closed loop marketing system aimed at helping companies get found online. Their software and inbound marketing methodology builds brand awareness, increases online visibility and can turn your website into a valuable lead generation tool.

This is a great system and it keeps getting better.

Over the last three years we've designed and built over a dozen HubSpot sites for our clients and can speak first-hand about the effectiveness of their tools and methodology. 

Today, HubSpot announced the enhancement of their email marketing and lead nurturing software. Admittedly, this was the one area of the software that needed a little help, so we are excited to share the news. With this upgrade, marketers can really flex their lead-nurturing muscles.

This enhancement focuses on the middle-of-the-funnel capabilities:

  • Email: Take advantage of a vastly simpler interface, easy segmentation and powerful analytics
  • Marketing Database: Understand your leads complete history of interactions with your company
  • Segmentation and Targeting: Use data to tailor communications to your individual leads
  • Marketing Automation: Trigger emails, notifications and updates as your leads evolve

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email compose 550

email templates 550

prospect history 550

Taking a quick peak inside the inbound marketing software, you can already see how easy it will be to design an email using their templates, add content to an email and preview your work. As always, it provides great marketing analytics and reporting to show you your results.

Interested in learning more? Contact us or sign up for Webinar June 5: A look at HubSpot's New Software.

What email marketing software are you using? How easy is it for you to leverage email to move prospects through the sales funnel? Please let us know your thoughts via the comments below.

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