2023 Email Marketing for Manufacturers: Benchmarks and Statistics

Email Marketing Benchmarks and Statistics to Improve Your 2023 Strategy

Email may seem like an “old school” marketing strategy, but statistics and marketers agree email remains one of the most effective marketing channels.

With 4.48 billion daily email users, there’s no question email marketing can benefit your manufacturing business. In 2021, 77% of marketers noticed increased email engagement and a $36 return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent!

Below, we dive into the email marketing metrics for 2022, giving insight into what’s working in email marketing and how the manufacturing industry compares. We also provide a comprehensive overview of ways you can improve your manufacturing business’s email marketing campaign in 2023.

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Author: Alison Fox

Email Marketing Trends and Best Practices (2024)

Email is an efficient and effective strategy to reach your audience, but there are several things marketers should consider before hitting ‘send’.

Continue reading to dive deeper into email marketing trends and best practices and discover ways to make your email marketing strategies effective and up-to-date.

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Author: Janice Dombrowski

Mapping Out An Email Sequence For Marketing Success an Interview with Caroline Matis

We all know email marketing is a crucial element in our marketing plans, but how can we use it more effectively?

In this interview, I sit down with Caroline Matis from Emma and we talk about how to map out and use email marketing throughout the customer journey. Caroline also gives us a sneak peek at what she will be talking about during her session at Experience Inbound this June.

1. How long have you worked at Emma? What is your role?

I’ve been with Emma, a CM Group brand, for eight months. Within this time, I’ve held a few roles. My first position included overseeing all social media and public relations for the company. Now, I’m the Corporate Marketing Manager, responsible for a larger portion of the marketing mix including communications, demand generation, events, and more.

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Author: Mary Jo Preston

Is Email Marketing Still Effective? Video Interview with John Thies, Co-Founder of Email on Acid 

Is email marketing dead?

With as many emails one gets to their inbox, it raises the question. I sat down with John Thies, Co-Founder of Email on Acid to discuss this marketing tactic and dive deeper into what it takes to put together an effective email marketing strategy.

John Thies has built his career around helping marketers stay up-to-date on email marketing trends and implement tactics to send high-impact email marketing campaigns.

Believe it or not, email is still one of the most effective tools for getting your message out and, if used correctly, can have an enormous impact on brand awareness and revenue.

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Author: Mary Jo Preston

Weekly Flashback: Catchy Email Subject Lines & Facebook Live for Business

How many times have you hit “send” on an email and questioned if it would actually be opened? Writing good subject lines can be a daunting task for even the best writer. In this week’s flashback post, you’ll want to check out “17 Tips & Best Practices” to help you with writing catchy subject lines that will get your emails opened. This week’s posts also include tips for using Facebook demographics to connect with your community, how to analyze web elements that may be handicapping your conversion rate and all about how to use Facebook live videos for business. Take a look at my favorite posts from this past week: 

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Author: Steve James

4 Ideas to Kick Off Your Email Marketing Plan

Looking for a great way to engage leads, prospects, and keeps customers “in the know” about your company/product? Email marketing is your answer.

Email marketing allows you to target a specific market audience; it draws people, and enforces a call-to-action. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your email marketing campaign.

  • email marketingWith any email, it is important to make sure that you state who you are and why the customer is being contacted. By reestablishing the relationship with your reader, you are more likely to have a high click-through rate on the call-to–action you have included in your email.
  • An easy email marketing technique is to send an email if your customer has abandoned a shopping cart on your website. With this email, you will want to remind the customer that they have left some unfinished business and call them back to your website. While doing that, you will want to remind them of the value of your service or product.
  • You can send an email that will help you to later personalize future emails to your customers. Think of a shoe website asking a few questions about what a customer likes or have them take a "test”, by doing this you are capturing a lead, as well as getting information that will allow you to send more personalized emails in the futures. With this approach, your “test” should be short, provide clear instructions, and only have one call-to-action. The easy and more upfront the email is, the more likely your customer will be to fill out the information
  • Email marketing should be all about keeping your customers informed, to do this send out emails that let your customers know about any special promotions or upcoming events. You can combine this idea with the idea above to really show the customer your care about them and which promotions/events are going to suit their needs best.

With these few tips you are ready to create an email marketing plan that will keep you in the inboxes of many current and potential customers.

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Author: Monica Madsen

Email Marketing Made Simple via HubSpot

HubSpot already offers an incredible closed loop marketing system aimed at helping companies get found online. Their software and inbound marketing methodology builds brand awareness, increases online visibility and can turn your website into a valuable lead generation tool.

email analytics 550
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Author: Jeff Coon