Advantages Of Using Video Marketing To Capture Attention

Author: Monica Madsen

Video marketing is one of the newest marketing strategies currently being utilized, and is especially effective when shared on social media. Restricting your marketing to just written text vastly limits your audience; video marketing should be seen as another mode of online communication to reach potential customers.

Video marketing and SEO

Video SEO

Search engines are always adapting algorithms, affecting SEO sometimes in small ways, other times so significantly that it means changing your techniques entirely. One change has been giving videos more weight and displaying them higher in search rankings.

To ensure your videos are the ones found by search engines, the principles of SEO apply. However, there is a difference; whereas written SEO should incorporate key words into the text, videos cannot do this. Video SEO, therefore, resorts to the older techniques of tagging and titling effectively.

Online Video Marketing Techniques

The title of a video should always contain the principle keyword or phrase. A common practice by video marketers is to use the keyword followed by a colon before the actual title. Ideally, a title should describe the content of the video.

Next are tags and descriptions. It is important that these contain the remaining keywords and all the related categories of the video. If the hosting platform provides unlimited room to write a description, you can enrich the video SEO through a transcript of the content.

YouTube additionally allows you to add links and other information in tabs that appear while the video is playing. When using links, it is possible to lead viewers to other YouTube videos. You can also track how many people have clicked on these annotations to monitor their effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Begin adding video to your overall marketing plan. Remember, it doesn't have to be overly produced - and the data proves it. Overly produced spots come across as "salesy", which doesn't encourage anyone to watch it, much less share it.

Adding this rich media to your content strategy will add variety in how you communicate with your audience. This will also give you another channel to test and measure to see how your audience prefers to consume your content (versus a traditional blog article, for example.)

Think about the recent videos you've watched online. Why did you like them? Do you have any examples you'd like to share? Please post them via the comments section below.

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