Creating 1:1 Sales Videos: Vidyard vs Wistia vs Loom vs Drift

As more and more organizations choose to adopt a hybrid of virtual and in-person work environments, everything from happy hour to company meetings are being done using video platforms.

The sales landscape is no different.

The solution? Create highly personalized sales videos to reach your customers on a more personal level. In this article, we’ll explore 1:1 sales videos and the platforms specific to creating them. Let’s dive in!

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Author: Steve James

How to Create A World Class Business YouTube Channel

Inbound 2020 Takeaways - Zach Basner’s Creating A World-Class Business YouTube Channel

While looking through the Inbound 2020 agenda, I found myself most excited about Zach Basner's session Creating A World-Class Business YouTube Channel (And Actually Generating Leads). Many businesses have a YouTube channel, but many of them use it as little more than a glorified video hosting platform. Which seems like a lot of wasted potential.

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Author: Stephanie Santoro

Advantages Of Using Video Marketing To Capture Attention

Video marketing is one of the newest marketing strategies currently being utilized, and is especially effective when shared on social media. Restricting your marketing to just written text vastly limits your audience; video marketing should be seen as another mode of online communication to reach potential customers.

Video marketing and SEO
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Author: Monica Madsen