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How to Use Hubspot Video In Your Sales, Marketing and Service Strategy

The use of video in marketing and sales is something influencers have touted as “the future of content” for the last five years. Despite the attention, the majority of brands are not yet harnessing the power of video to leverage marketing, sales and service offers for prospects and customers through every aspect of the marketing funnel.
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Author: Janice Dombrowski

Video Marketing: 5 Tips to Impact Your Video Results in 2018

Through his incredible storytelling skills, Tony Gnau enlightens us with how and why we should be fitting videos into our very own marketing funnels. Tony and his team at T60 Productions are communication experts, content creators and above all else… storytellers. They guide their clients through the corporate video production process and create videos people enjoy watching.

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Author: Sarah Neubauer

Video Marketing - How to Use Video to Support Sales and Business Development  [Video]

 Guest Blog by Tony Gnau, T60 Productions

The question these days isn’t so much should your business produce videos. Research data tells us we should be asking what videos should you produce, how many, and what’s it going to cost?! The good news is the answers are pretty simple… even the cost one.

I recently talked with two marketing pros on the front lines of marketing videos and sales enablement. They shared their insights on how video can support sales and business development. 

They will be going more in depth into this topic during their Experience Inbound session, "Got Video? Four Tactics To Drive More Sales Through Video Personalization."

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Author: Tony Gnau - Guest Blog

Tips for Marketers to Maximize Video: Q&A with Jonah Silberg of Wistia

This post was written by Jamie Cartwright and originally appeared on Weidert Group's blog on 5/4/16.

Experience Inbound 2016 is jam-packed with nationally-renowned brands and presenters. Jonah Silberg represents Wistia, the leader in helping companies deploy video for inbound marketing. Wistia is a software platform that enables you to create video that turns visitors into leads. In preparation for Experience Inbound, we asked Jonah to answer a few questions about Wistia, his work, and why he's looking forward to Experience Inbound 2016.

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Author: Andrea Meyers

Weekly Flashback: Tools to Create Interactive Content and the Ultimate Snapchat Tutorial

My list of posts from last week are all about social channels, live streaming and creating interactive and engaging online experiences for your customers. From Snapchat tutorials, Facebook Carousel ads to interactive content and writing the best meta descriptions - the best articles I read from the past 7 days show the transformation taking place in the world of content marketing to include more visually compelling elements.

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Author: Steve James

Weekly Flashback: Blogs and Publications You Need To Follow & Applying the 80/20 Rule to Marketing

I get really excited each week when I find great posts to pass along to our inbound and digital marketing followers. My favorite one this week talks about applying the 80/20 rule to marketing. I’ve actually never thought about this concept in a way that so closely relates to my work – but when I took a deeper dive into the methodology, it really made sense. Check out this post along with a few other good ones I’ve collected this week:

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Author: Steve James

Humanizing Your Business with Video Content: Q&A with Elise Ramsay of Wistia

More and more businesses are discovering the value of using visual content and video as an inbound marketing tool to help generate leads and create loyalty. It is now apparent that marketers do not need to be turned off by the common misconception that video should be produced in a costly way. The reality is, video has an important place in your marketing workflows and it can be quite easy to do – not to mention fun. By far, it is one of the easiest tools you can use to build an emotional connection with your website visitors, prospects and customers.

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Author: Steve James

Don’t Miss The Bus: Create Leads & Build Loyalty With Video

When our friends at Hubspot asked me to contribute as a guest “instructor” for their brand-new back-to-school e-book: “ABC’s of Inbound Marketing,” I jumped at the chance to cover “Y” – Youtube. I want to help marketing professionals understand how important and easy incorporating video into your marketing strategies can be and the success you will experience from increased lead generation and stronger customer loyalty.

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Author: Steve James

5 Reasons Video Should Be Integrated Into Your Marketing Plan

A common misconception among marketing pros is that online video might not be the easiest content technique to take on. While in some cases that may be true, creating good video content can be done effectively at low cost and with little time commitment. This is one of the many reasons why more businesses are allocating the time and resources to ensure that video content is integrated into their marketing plan and social strategies.

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Author: Jeff Coon

Advantages Of Using Video Marketing To Capture Attention

Video marketing is one of the newest marketing strategies currently being utilized, and is especially effective when shared on social media. Restricting your marketing to just written text vastly limits your audience; video marketing should be seen as another mode of online communication to reach potential customers.

Video marketing and SEO
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Author: Monica Madsen