Manufacturing Video Marketing Statistics to Improve Your 2023 Strategy

In 1996, Bill Gates published an essay titled "Content is King." It's easy to believe that such a paper written today would be titled "Video Content is King" after looking at the video marketing statistics for 2022.

Over the last decade, video marketing has gone from novelty to necessity – a crucial path to the over 200 million video viewers in the United States, 54% of whom say they want to see more content from the brands and businesses they support (Oberlo).

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Author: Alison Fox

Video Marketing for Manufacturing Businesses (2023)

With an increasing number of businesses promoting their products in video format, video marketing is exploding worldwide. Due to its ability to promote products and services, increase website traffic and engagement, and build relationships with viewers, there’s no wonder why video marketing has become an essential tool brands use to market themselves.

Read on to discover the best ways to promote your manufacturing business using video marketing and why it matters in today’s digital age.

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Author: Steve James

How to Drive Action with YouTube Ads: An Interview with Joe Martinez

YouTube is more than cat videos and weird children's media. It's an excellent resource to educate and influence users!

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Author: Jeff Coon

How to Make a Photoshop Video 2024: The Basics in Under 7 Minutes

Want to make video but all you have is Photoshop? No problem! Adobe Photoshop has video editing capabilities that you can use to make professional looking marketing videos.

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Author: Stephanie Santoro

How to Create A World Class Business YouTube Channel

Inbound 2020 Takeaways - Zach Basner’s Creating A World-Class Business YouTube Channel

While looking through the Inbound 2020 agenda, I found myself most excited about Zach Basner's session Creating A World-Class Business YouTube Channel (And Actually Generating Leads). Many businesses have a YouTube channel, but many of them use it as little more than a glorified video hosting platform. Which seems like a lot of wasted potential.

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Author: Stephanie Santoro

How to Use Video at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Have you tried using video to market your business? If so you’re not alone.

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Author: Greg Elwell

How To Make A Screen Share Video Tutorial Using Adobe Premiere Rush (And Other Video Tips!)

You are an expert! There are hundreds...thousands...maybe millions of people out there who would love to know what you know, and it’s never been easier to help educate them.

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Author: Stephanie Santoro

How to Use Hubspot Video In Your Sales, Marketing and Service Strategy

The use of video in marketing and sales is something influencers have touted as “the future of content” for the last five years. Despite the attention, the majority of brands are not yet harnessing the power of video to leverage marketing, sales and service offers for prospects and customers through every aspect of the marketing funnel.
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Author: Janice Dombrowski

Video Marketing: 5 Tips to Impact Your Video Results in 2024

Through his incredible storytelling skills, Tony Gnau enlightens us with how and why we should be fitting videos into our very own marketing funnels. Tony and his team at T60 Productions are communication experts, content creators and above all else… storytellers. They guide their clients through the corporate video production process and create videos people enjoy watching.

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Author: Sarah Neubauer

Video Marketing - How to Use Video to Support Sales and Business Development  [Video]

 Guest Blog by Tony Gnau, T60 Productions

The question these days isn’t so much should your business produce videos. Research data tells us we should be asking what videos should you produce, how many, and what’s it going to cost?! The good news is the answers are pretty simple… even the cost one.

I recently talked with two marketing pros on the front lines of marketing videos and sales enablement. They shared their insights on how video can support sales and business development. 

They will be going more in depth into this topic during their Experience Inbound session, "Got Video? Four Tactics To Drive More Sales Through Video Personalization."

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Author: Tony Gnau - Guest Blog