4 Ideas to Kick Off Your Email Marketing Plan

Author: Monica Madsen

Looking for a great way to engage leads, prospects, and keeps customers “in the know” about your company/product? Email marketing is your answer.

Email marketing allows you to target a specific market audience; it draws people, and enforces a call-to-action. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your email marketing campaign.

  • email marketingWith any email, it is important to make sure that you state who you are and why the customer is being contacted. By reestablishing the relationship with your reader, you are more likely to have a high click-through rate on the call-to–action you have included in your email.
  • An easy email marketing technique is to send an email if your customer has abandoned a shopping cart on your website. With this email, you will want to remind the customer that they have left some unfinished business and call them back to your website. While doing that, you will want to remind them of the value of your service or product.
  • You can send an email that will help you to later personalize future emails to your customers. Think of a shoe website asking a few questions about what a customer likes or have them take a "test”, by doing this you are capturing a lead, as well as getting information that will allow you to send more personalized emails in the futures. With this approach, your “test” should be short, provide clear instructions, and only have one call-to-action. The easy and more upfront the email is, the more likely your customer will be to fill out the information
  • Email marketing should be all about keeping your customers informed, to do this send out emails that let your customers know about any special promotions or upcoming events. You can combine this idea with the idea above to really show the customer your care about them and which promotions/events are going to suit their needs best.

With these few tips you are ready to create an email marketing plan that will keep you in the inboxes of many current and potential customers.

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