4 Inbound Marketing Books You Should Read

Author: Monica Madsen

Inbound marketing is a big process, made up of many different parts. Keeping all those different parts of the process organized so they can be understood can be a challenge on its own.

HubSpot breaks Inbound Marketing into three steps: • Get found by leads and prospects through SEO, content creation, and social media • Convert visitors into leads and then customers by using calls-to action, landing pages, and lead nurturing. • Analyze your steps and find areas of improvement

However, there are many little steps and processes that go into HubSpot’s three steps. To help you wrap your head around inbound marketing, here is a list of inbound marketing books, written by the gurus themselves.

HubSpot also provides a list of inbound marketing ebooks to help further your inbound marketing education. Here are just a few to get you started.

Looking for even more information about inbound marketing? Become Inbound Marketing Certified by taking the online courses provided by Inbound Marketing University.

What are you inbound marketing questions or challenges? Where do you find your answers?

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