How to Use HubSpot Workflows For Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Author: Monica Madsen

The whole purpose of lead nurturing campaigns is to get a sale at the end isn’t it? Lead nurturing is more than that though. It’s not just about the sale. It’s about catering to your leads wants and needs by providing the right information and materials at the right time, without overwhelming them and pushing them away with mass amounts of emails, and even phone calls.

So, what’s the best way to nurture your leads without scaring them away? By using HubSpot Workflows! HubSpot Workflows allow you to schedule out a complete lead nurturing campaign with segmentation. This means you have to ability to target specific people, industries, or whatever rules you choose. With workflows, you’re creating a customized marketing campaign. Workflows are useful, in that they help you move your leads through the buying process through the content you provide for them.

The Workflow Process

lead nurturing workflowsTo start building your workflow, you have to develop the framework first, which is done by creating a generic set of rules, or goals, for each stage of the buying process.

  • Perform research by looking at what the lead downloaded, which could be any of these:
    • White papers
    • Guides
    • Ebooks
    • Checklists

Each of these items shows ways in which the leads are learning how to solve problems and is helping them learn what’s available.

  • Establish the buying criteria, by seeing that the lead downloaded 3 white papers and:
    • Webinars
    • Case Studies
    • Free Samples
    • Catalogs
    • Product spec sheets

These items establish the “must haves” – prices, quality, etc. – and help ensure they’re not missing out on anything.

  • Evaluate vendors and begin the sales process if the lead viewed 2 webinars and a case study and:
    • Free trials
    • Free demos
    • Requests consultation
    • Free estimates/quotes
    • Deals/coupons

When researching, establishing, and evaluating, take the time to find what you customers want. This can be done by simply asking them. If they see that you’re interested in helping them and are interested in their needs, you will have a better chance of closing the sale.

The next step you must take is choosing the target persona and developing a campaign goal. With lead nurturing campaigns, focus on one buyer persona so the content is unique to the lead’s wants. Make them feel like a segment of one and not part of a whole group.

  • Conduct interviews with your target audience to learn about their goals and challenges in more detail. Define their problems and be able to provide solutions.
  • Set a SMART goalfor the campaign:
    • Specific
    • Measureable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Timely

Personalization is key in building a successful relationship with your current and potential customers.

Finally, after choosing the target persona, map out your campaign and build a smart list. Smart lists should be created based on the personas you chose. Use the buying process worksheet, provided by HubSpot, to structure your campaign.

  • Be sure to include a call-to-action in the campaign as well, showing the leads the next action to take, which will help guide them through the process.
  • Determine the delay you will have between each lead nurturing email you send. Each email should have one specific goal and the content within that email needs to align with the goal.

Follow this outline to help set the goal for each email:

  • Email 1: build trust and relevancy with the lead
  • Email 2: provide an offer that establishes buying criteria and shows value
  • Email 3 & 4: have the goal of getting the lead to evaluate the vendor
  • Email 5: break up – try to get the reader engaged, but make it clear it’s the last email

When creating workflows, a story should be created that helps prepare the leads for sales. Workflows are a strategic way to outline your campaign. With its automation, it takes marketing and the sales process to another level. Move your leads through the sales funnel more efficiently and effectively, and measure your results.

Use workflows to your advantage and watch your sales increase!

Learn more about HubSpot Workflows by clicking here. Interested in learning more about HubSpot in general, lead nurturing, or inbound marketing? Contact us for more information.

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