Take Bottom of the Funnel Offers to the Next Level with “Request A Sample”

Converting bottom of the funnel leads to customers may be the most critical stage of your sales funnel. At this point you’ve captured a prospect’s attention through blog articles, tip sheets, ebooks and more. Now is the point where if you offer a unique product or service, a “request a sample” opportunity could be the next phase that ultimately seals the deal. This step can be particularly valuable if the product and service you offer is complex, best explained visually, and showcases superior features offered within your industry.

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Author: Jeff Coon

How to Use HubSpot Workflows For Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The whole purpose of lead nurturing campaigns is to get a sale at the end isn’t it? Lead nurturing is more than that though. It’s not just about the sale. It’s about catering to your leads wants and needs by providing the right information and materials at the right time, without overwhelming them and pushing them away with mass amounts of emails, and even phone calls.

lead nurturing workflows
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Author: Monica Madsen