How Video Case Studies Can Attract and Engage Your Leads

Author: Monica Madsen

According to CMI’s B2B Content Marketing 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 70% of B2B marketers find case studies to be an effective content marketing tool. Case studies do more than just tell what the services of a company are. They show how the services can work for you through revealing the success stories of current customers. Case studies increase potential customer confidence and show the value of your company.

Use case studies as part of your marketing strategy. Using video case studies is an even more engaging way to showoff your services to your potential customers. With videos, potential customers are able to see your work put to use, to see the success story as it unfolds. By having a real customer sharing their experience on the company, more credibility, value, and trust is being provided.

Best Practices for Video Case Studies

video case studiesTo create the most compelling and valuable video case study, you have to commit yourself to the project. Be sure your business has the time and budget it takes to create a video testimonial. Also, make sure the right resources are available to send your employees on trips to case study locations. You don’t need a big fancy camera to create a video – small flip cameras work just as well.

Start by creating an outline of the project.

  • Determine how long the project is going to take – will it unfold over a period of days, or will it be completed in a few hours?
  • Compile a list of individuals that need to be included in the project – keep everyone updated and informed on every step of the process.
  • Where is the project going to take place – will it be in one location or in multiple? Is it going to be indoors or outdoors?
  • Make sure you have all the materials necessary for this video project as well. Have a layout in mind on what you plan on filming – create a mock storyline. What is going to be an intriguing way to attract your viewers and keep them engaged throughout the video?
  • Prepare you interview questions – have them written out in advance. Determine what you want to highlight. Also, have a variety of questions to create great engaging content. Give the customer an idea of what you’re going to be showcasing and talking about. When the customer is talking, make sure he/she sounds natural, and not as if they are reading a script.
  • Video case studies should be short and to the point. If it goes over 5 minutes, you may have lost the viewer, unless the video is engaging and creative, focused on the product success.

Once you’ve created the outline and have contacted all those involved, the filming process can begin. As you’re filming, remember to think of who’s going to be watching this video. Think of what they would like to see and learn. This video is, essentially, going to be a marketing tool for your business.

  • Address the challenges of the customer(s) by either having the customer or the business explain it in the video. Establish what any prior experiences were before adding your solutions (product or service).
  • Reveal the solution your business can offer. This is a crucial part of the case study, as it reveals to your potential customers how your products or services can help them. If the customer is comfortable with it, have them explain how it solved their problem(s) and record the answers, and even show them in the video using the product.
  • If possible, show real results from customers that have used your product. Include the customer testimonial in the video, and even graphs, to show success.

When the filming process is complete, and the video is edited and ready for publishing, share it with the customer you interviewed and with your sales team before sharing it publicly. Get their feedback to ensure the video is top-notch, and everyone is satisfied with the final product. Just like any content you create, share your case study as well, via your social networks and post on your website. Show off the success story to your current and potential customers.

Remember to thank the customer featured in the case study for their time.

Have you created a video case study before? What worked well for you?

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