Best Practices for Perfecting the Conversion Process

Author: Monica Madsen

Is your website attracting visitors but not converting them into leads? Not sure where you’re going wrong? You may need to update your conversion process. And your website may need to be made more actionable to help guide your visitors through the buying cycle.

Best Practices for Perfecting the Conversion ProcessThe conversion process consists of calls-to-action, landing pages, and thank you pages.  This process is so critical because it’s how you get leads, and leads grow your business. You have to get people to your landing page through the use of calls-to-action (CTAs), then submitting a form, followed by the thank you page, which shows to the next steps.

Before we get to creating the best CTAs, landing pages, and thank you pages, we first have to look at how we can convert the right visitors into the right leads. Lead volume is irrelevant is those leads aren’t qualified. Attracting the right buyer persona and offering them the right information will help you earn qualified leads.

Once you focus on the right type of content and personas, you can start thinking about creating CTAs, landing pages, and thank you pages.

Create CTAs, Landing Pages, and Thank You Pages


  1. Make CTAs action oriented
  2. Include keywords on the landing page that are consistent with the landing page where the CTA directs
  3. Make the CTA attention grabbing and stands out on the page
  4. Have appropriate on-page placement, meaning place the CTA near the relevant content
  5. Test your CTAs with variations to see which receives the most clicks

Landing Pages

  1. Make the content actionable and valuable
  2. Use lists and bullet points to summarize
  3. Remove unnecessary site navigation and the search box to keep the visitor focused on one thing
  4. Keep the forms short with few fields to fill out, and keep it above the fold.
  5. Include visuals – at least one relevant image

Thank You Pages

  1. Shown after the form is submitted and the content is delivered
  2. Provides direction and next steps
  3. Moves the visitor further into the sales process
  4. Send a follow-up email
  5. Include social network sharing options

Test and Analyze

By testing and analyzing the CTAs, landing pages, and thank you pages you create, you’ll be able to get more value out of them. CTA mistakes could lead to a potential loss of leads. Testing will help increase your click-through-rate, shares, and leads.

For CTAs test:

  • design
  • text and copy
  • page placement
  • positioning
  • offer type

For landing pages test:

  • text and copy
  • layout
  • forms
  • visuals
  • CTAs

For thank you pages test:

  • share buttons
  • copy
  • follow-up CTAs
  • offer delivery
  • layout

Making an actionable website and incorporating CTAs will help convert your visitors into qualified leads – when combined with targeted content for your buyer personas. Following up your CTAs and landing pages with thank you pages will continue to move contacts through the buying process, and will help your business grow.

Are there any tips and tricks that work for your conversion process? We'd love to hear them! Share them in the comments section below.

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