How You Can Create the Best Thank You Page to Keep Users Engaged

Author: Monica Madsen

It is a common courtesy to thank someone when they have done something for you. The same courtesy should be made when someone downloads something from your website. A “thank you” page should be created, which delivers the content promised on the landing page.

Create the Best Thank You PageThe thank you page is a crucial part of the conversion process because it shows the new lead the next step in the buying process. “Thank You pages should help you qualify your leads, decrease the bounce rate of your website, and keep your new leads engaged with your company.”

Every thank you page should have six main elements in order for you, and the lead, to get the most out of your offer.

1. Share the offer they filled out the form to download.

  • First and foremost, the lead is going to want access to the content for which they just shared their information, whether it is a downloadable document, embedded video, or setting the expectation of a phone call or email.
  • Start by actually saying “Thank You” in the headline (since this is the main purpose of a thank you page).
  • Also, include the title of the offer in the headline to reassure the viewer is receiving the correct content.

2. Unlike a landing page, a thank you page should include the site navigation.

  • Including the site navigation encourages the viewer to continue browsing your site for more offers or other services.

3. Encourage social sharing by adding social buttons.

  • Make the landing page for the content easy to tweet, post, and email by adding share buttons so the viewer can share it with their followers.

4. Provide additional relevant content to the viewers.

  • Add links to relevant blog posts and other pages on your website that relate to the content they are receiving.
  • Show them where to go next to help keep them moving through the buying process.

5. Include a call-to-action to move them further through the marketing funnel.

  • One type of CTA could be subscribing to your blog.
  • If you’re trying to get them to reconvert, include a CTA that takes advantage of the viewers expressed interest in a specific topic, which can be seen by what offer(s) they previously downloaded.
  • The more engagement you have with a lead, the better the opportunity they will convert from a lead to a sale.

6. Create an auto-response email in addition to the thank you page. (Optional)

  • By sending an auto-response email as an additional way of receiving the offer, your chances of engaging and reconversion are increased.
  • Include additional relevant resources in the email they may find useful.
  • Add CTAs as well, to stay engaged and keep them moving through the buying process.

These are just some of the elements that should be included in any Thank You page. Once you’ve added these, consider testing the thank you page and adding various CTAs. Overall, the most important part of the Thank You page is to actually thank the new lead and share the new content with them.

Topics: Inbound Marketing, marketing strategy, Conversion Process