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It’s been said our fascination with artificial intelligence (AI) began in 1939 as we watched a tin man skip his way down a yellow brick road. Since then, generations of scientists have pursued the vision of AI, creating bigger, better, and “smarter” machines. In an age dominated by technology, we’re never surprised to learn about a system or program that’s more powerful. The news that does have people talking is the advent of technology that makes programs more personal.

On November 30, 2022, OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT chatbot, a natural language model designed to interact with users in a dialogue format that OpenAI says “makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” ChatGPT intrigued and excited HubSpot founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah as it represented a bridge to what he referred to as ChatUX, the ability to put a natural chat interface on software. This vision inspired him and the HubSpot team to create ChatSpot, an app Shah called “a ChatGPT-powered A.I. tool that helps you grow better.”

What is HubSpot

ChatSpot is a conversational bot (an AI-Copilot) that personalizes and streamlines HubSpot CRM activities by allowing users to make requests using natural language queries. Instead of conducting a search, users can ask ChatSpot for insights, information, or reports as if they were talking to a coworker.

  • How many contacts are assigned to me?
  • Show me contacts from Florida.
  • Find companies in the automotive industry with over 250 employees.
  • Discover companies in Wisconsin that use both HubSpot and WordPress, sort by employee size

Users can also ask ChatSpot to complete tasks that would otherwise require time-consuming manual data entry, research, or development.

  • Draft an email for sending to prospects in the food industry.
  • Show me my monthly website traffic for last year as a bar chart.
  • Create a report of companies added in Q4 summarized by state.

ChatSpot integrates information from within the HubSpot CRM with other programs including DALL-E 2, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Stable Diffusion, and keyword research to provide the requested information in the requested form.

In addition to accessing all the data and analytics within the CRM, ChatSpot’s integration with ChatGPT allows access to information outside of the CRM. Parameters like geographical location or population can be gathered by ChatGPT and combined with internal organization data gathered by ChatSpot.

HubSpot Features (2024)

By creating a simpler and more personalized user experience, ChatSpot creates opportunities to improve and streamline a variety of HubSpot activities related to Sales & CRM, reporting, and marketing.

ChatSpot for Sales & CRM

ChatSpot’s conversational interface simplifies the process of finding information about the contacts and companies stored in your database. Determining how many contacts meet one or multiple criteria requires a single natural question like, “How many contacts with over 100 employees are there in Ohio?” And in moments, ChatSpot provides the answer to your query.

ChatSpot simplifies tasks like adding contacts, planning follow-ups, associating records, and assigning owners. For example, adding a new contact and requesting a follow-up -  a task that could require up to 20 steps - can be accomplished using a single simple language request.

ChatSpot also facilitates company research by allowing users to request high-level information about an organization by simply asking, “Research”

ChatSpot can help with prospecting by responding to criteria-based questions like “find widget companies in Illinois with over 1500 employees.” Users can review the results and add pertinent companies to HubSpot with a single click.

Users can ask ChatSpot to create communication materials, such as emails written to specific contacts about specified topics. ChatSpot takes contextual information from within the CRM and leverages ChatGPT’s advanced writing functionality to quickly create a draft that can be edited and saved for pasting into an email or a HubSpot sales sequence.

HubSpot CRM A.I. Prompts to Get Started

  • “Show a summary of my portal data”

  • “How many contacts do I have?”

  • “Add contact”

  • “Add contact with note: I will be in Boston next week”

  • “Show a monthly summary of web visits for last year”

  • “Send me that as a daily email update”

  • "How many deals are there in my CRM?"
  • "List deals that are closed won."

HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM A.I. Prompt Examples:

  • “How many marketing companies are in California?”

  • “Show recent contacts from Georgia”

  • “Show me company properties that have domain in the name”

  • “List my recent notes”

  • “Assign to me”

  • “How many contacts do I have assigned to me?”

  • “Move to an opportunity”

  • “Create report of contacts added in Q4 summarized by stage”

  • “Research company”

  • "List my recent notes"
  • Add company  property type is prospect

  • Add company  property type is prospect

  • Add contact {email address} and follow up

  • Add note to contact: Add note to - Test from ChatSpot - Steve

  • Review Notes: list my recent notes

  • Summarize Company

  • Summarize Contact:

  • Competitors to


ChatSpot for Reporting

ChatSpot reduces the time required to research, compile, and create reports to minutes. Whether you’re grouping contacts by industry or area, listing contacts added in a given quarter, or creating a review of high-ranking keywords to illustrate top sales performers, you just have to type what you’re looking for, and ChatSpot does the rest.

Being driven by ChatGPT, ChatSpot reports can be enhanced or updated with data from outside the CRM. And being integrated with Google applications, ChatSpot reports can be tailored to your preferred format or exported as pre-built charts.

HubSpot CRM Reporting A.I. Prompt Examples:

  • “Give me a report of companies summarized by industry”

  • “Show me my contacts summarized by country”

  • “Create a report of monthly revenue in Q4”

ChatSpot for Marketing

ChatSpot gives marketers a range of functionalities to better view, filter, manage, and present data. Users can, for example, research the keywords a company is ranking for. From there, one could explore a particular keyword, see its volume and position, and consider options for improvement. You could ask ChatSpot to draft a blog post about a topic that would include the keyword in question and generate an image that fits the context of the post while following your specified visual style preferences. And the finished post can be saved in HubSpot for editing or posting as desired.

Marketers can also utilize ChatSpot to generate reports for internal presentations like summaries of website visits or generated leads. Reports can be generated and formatted as graphs or tables to suit the situation and saved or sent to your email for handy reference.

HubSpot Marketing Hub A.I. Prompts

  • “Where do I find a report on my social media performance?”

  • “Show summary of bounce rates for last month as a bar chart”

  • “What PPC keywords does buy?”

How to Get Started With

In a press release on March 6, 2030, HubSpot’s EVP of Product, Andy Pitre, said, “We’re excited to launch to experiment with how we can make our software even easier to use, and we’re inviting our customers to come along with us as we learn together.”

If you’re interested in trying the ChatSpot alpha, click here to visit the HubSpot sign-up page. 

Examples of

HubSpot’s new artificial intelligence chatbot offers seemingly endless opportunities to increase efficiency and ignite productivity. Here are a few examples of everyday queries that can help users every day, courtesy of HubSpot.

  • Follow-up: "Draft a follow-up thank-you email for Mary Doe."
  • Quick status updates: "How many contacts do I have assigned to me?"
  • Lead management: "Add contact with note, ‘will be in Boston next week.'"
  • Prospecting: "Find SaaS companies in California with more than 1,000 employees."
  • Reporting: "Show me a monthly summary of web visits for last year."
  • Forecasting: "List the deals closing this month with stage and forecasted revenue."

HubSpot Dev/Ops A.I. Prompt Examples:

  • “Show tickets properties that are numbers”

  • “Show me custom contact properties”

HubSpot Generative A.I. Prompt Examples:

  • “Draft a blog post about artificial intelligence and CRM”

  • “Generate an image of Darth Vader playing the guitar”

  • “Summarize the article”

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