Marketing Conferences vs Workshops, Which is Right for You?

Author: Mary Jo Preston

20220606_095846Are you ready to take your digital marketing skills to the next level?

The best way to keep up with the latest marketing trends and technology is to invest in your own education. Stay ahead of the curve by attending marketing conferences and workshops and learning from thought leaders and industry professionals who share their insights, tips, and tricks to meet and exceed marketing goals.

But how do you decide which is right for you?

Well, that depends on what you want to learn and how you learn best.

Advantages of a Marketing Workshop:

A marketing workshop is often an intensive learning experience, where a single topic is explored in-depth over a short period. When you are hoping to gain expertise quickly that you can apply immediately in your day-to-day routine, a marketing workshop might be the best choice for you.

1) Marketing Workshops are Ideal for hands-on learning

Workshops are also ideal for those who learn best with hands-on activities.

Marketing workshops offer:

  • An immersive learning experience
  • Smaller size audiences
  • Hands-on activities to gain knowledge quickly and efficiently
  • Case studies and simulations to develop in-depth knowledge of
  • specific topics
  • Subject matter expert leading the class

If you like to learn quickly and gain intermediate or expert-level knowledge in a single area, marketing workshops may be your best choice.

2) Marketing Workshops allow for more immediate feedback

Workshops have fewer participants than a conference, allowing you to speak up and ask more questions. The workshop leader can then provide personalized feedback and guidance, enabling you to find a solution to a specific problem you're facing.

Advantages of a Marketing Conference

In contrast to the small and intense nature of workshops, marketing conferences are designed to provide a broad overview of many topics. When you attend a conference, you can expect to walk away with a beginner or intermediate level of knowledge about a handful of topics.

1) Marketing Conferences offer a Broad Overview of topics

Marketing conferences are great for individuals who want a base level of knowledge on a lot of topics and who want to be exposed to new ideas and skills. Some conferences offer in-depth expert-level talks on specific topics, but the majority offer a broad swath of topics from which to choose. That said, marketing conferences can be a great option if you want more general expansion on a new or unfamiliar topic.

Marketing conferences offer:

  • Larger size audience
  • A broad overview of the topics covered
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts
  • The ability to learn from different speakers and perspectives
  • Takeaways that can be implemented right away
  • Tips and Tricks to enhance your marketing skills

2) Marketing Conferences are a great way to make new connections

Aside from learning new information, conferences offer a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded professionals.

Conferences have a larger audience size than workshops so you're more likely to meet new friends!

Ultimately, the type of marketing event you attend should depend on your learning goals and preferences. If you want to develop knowledge in a specific area, then a workshop may be the best bet; if you're looking for an overview or to learn from industry experts, then a marketing conference could be perfect.

At Stream Creative, we offer a variety of marketing events throughout the year. Our workshops are perfect for getting in-depth knowledge on specific topics. At the same time, our conference, Experience Inbound, brings the best of these two formats together in two markets and at two iconic sports venues.

Experience Inbound is a unique marketing and sales conference that combines the best of both workshop and conference experiences.


Experience Inbound offers an immersive learning environment with hands-on activities, case studies, group exercises, networking opportunities with industry experts, and a broad overview of topics.

Through interactive sessions, keynote speakers will explore how to apply digital marketing tactics across multiple channels such as email, SEO, CRM, website and social media, to name a few. Attendees can also get personalized advice on their projects from professionals in the field.

So whether you're looking for specialized knowledge or want to stay up-to-date on digital trends, Experience Inbound gives you the best of both worlds.

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Here are some of our favorite marketing events to consider in or near Wisconsin:

And locally, these organizations have marketing events to further your learning as well.

We believe in continuous learning. With trends and technology changing seemingly every day, you must educate yourself and be open to new ideas to grow your business.

Whether it's an immersive learning experience through a workshop, or a broad overview of topics through a conference, the right marketing event can give you the knowledge and insights needed to expand your horizons.

Savvy marketers plan to budget in one or two events per year to stay ahead of the curve, and the competition.

Which type of event is right for you?

Any other events you’ve attended locally? Share in the comments!

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