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Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20In August 2014, our good friend, Paul Roetzer, CEO of PR 20/20, released his latest book, The Marketing Performance Blueprint: Strategies and Technologies to Build and Measure Business Success. Paul’s book focuses on processes, technologies, and strategies needed to fill marketing gaps and build performance-driven organizations. Written to be an essential and accessible guide for marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs, The Marketing Performance Blueprint includes key principles focusing on performance goals, digital transformation, creating a modern team and more. As a deeper-dive into the core concepts discussed in his book, Paul is offering a live online event: The Marketing Blueprint Webinar Series beginning February 10 at 1pm.

We recently chatted with Paul about some of the key takeaways participants will obtain through this series:

Q: The webinar sessions are a deep dive into chapters 8-10 which focus on analyzing your company, building a marketing performance dashboard and driving growth with integrated campaigns. Is it essential for a webinar participant to read the book before the sessions begin?

A: No. It is not essential that participants read the book prior to the sessions. Each session will start out with a high-level overview of the topic at hand (similar to what’s presented in the book). Then, we will dive into the specifics of how to assess, execute and measure marketing programs within an organization. We’ll be using a hypothetical company as a model, so that participants can see exactly how to apply the concepts internally.

Participants will also receive a free copy of the book in the mail following the series.

Q: In your book, you take the sales funnel a step further and discuss LTV – or – customer lifetime value which focuses on establishing customer loyalty and its impact on revenue. What are some of the key loyalty generators that are oftentimes overlooked and will be of focus during the webinar series?

A: Yes. We look at the funnel as four stages—brand building, lead generation, sales and loyalty. While loyalty is obviously impacted by product/service satisfaction and customer service, there are an abundance of other touch points organizations should consider to further nurture this audience. Some examples include: customer-focused content (newsletters, magazines, webinars, workshops, emails, etc.), rewards and referral programs, social engagement, product upsell promotions and more. In keeping existing customers happy and engaged with your brand, you’re better able to drive repeat purchases, increase customer LTV and spur referrals.

Q: What are some of the biggest successes and or mistakes you see marketers make as they embrace a digital transformation and begin adopting inbound marketing strategies?

A: One of the biggest mistakes is complacency—being content with the status quo versus continuously seeking out digital innovations. We’ve found that organizations will become so comfortable with their current processes, marketing strategies and historical success that they don’t take chances or push themselves to improve. However, as the marketing industry advances at unprecedented rates, these individuals are likely to be left behind as nimble competitors act faster.

Another key mistake is siloing digital services among different divisions or personnel. The end consumer may have many touch points with your company, but they expect the messaging and experience to be consistent regardless of the platform. It’s impossible to achieve this consistency when internal departments aren’t on the same page and communicating regularly with one another. There must be processes in place to encourage collaboration, or else the consumer’s digital experience will suffer.

The Marketing Performance Blueprint paid webinar series includes three sessions available live and on-demand. Learn more about the Marketing Performance Blueprint Series and all the three sessions will have to offer.

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